Why Everyday People Are Using Mobile Phone Spying Software

WARNING: Do not use these apps illegally. Check for compliance with local law. Do not monitor and track individuals without their knowledge (without prior explicit consent obtained). It is illegall to do so.

Spying software and convert underground surveillance applications to monitor mobile phone usage are becoming increasingly popular these days.

SpyMobile phones have come on in leaps and bounds with ever-changing technology and new features being added constantly.

With a small device it is now possible to browse the Internet, watch a movie through streaming video, take pictures and instantly send them to friends and family anywhere in the world, and constantly keep in touch with all your friends at the same time via social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.

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This allows cell users to organize their social lives and keep in touch with their friends 24 hours a day – and all this from one tiny device! Needless to say, this has led to people spending a lot more time on their phones than they used to, when the only function of the average mobile telephone was to make calls or send text messages.

The increase in technology used in mobiles also increases the opportunity for some people to abuse the device they have at their fingertips. Some examples of this include the following:

• Having a mobile phone and instant access to hundreds of people has led to partners and spouses having more opportunity to cheat.

• There is a wide range of enjoyable activities for employees to perform that they should not be doing during working hours.

• Young people have more chance to do things behind parent’s backs, and this may put them at risk from evil predators.

3 Simple Benefits

  1. If your partner is constantly giving excuses and staying late at work, or if he spends a lot of time browsing on his telephone rather than wanting to chat with you, it is no wonder that you might feel uneasy.
  2. It is also natural for parents to worry about who their children are communicating with when sitting in their bedrooms alone. As a parent you might also be worried that your child is looking at adult-only content on a mobile. Another increasing problem for parents is the rising costs of children’s bills.
  3. If you are a boss paying your employees a good wage, it is only natural that you feel angry if they seem to be spending unusual amounts of time looking at their phones and not much work seems to be getting done.

These concerns and many more are leading to people taking action. Although sometimes this is done for the wrong reasons it is usually because somebody would like to have peace of mind and the only way of getting this is to obtain proof regarding another person’s cell usage.

Once you know exactly what another person is doing with their phone you can either relax because your fears were unfounded, or you will have proof to confront them.

Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Spying Robert Siciliano

Spy Software Is Here For Your Rescue

Firstly, it is important to realize that mobile spying software is not something out of the offices of MI5 or the FBI. It was created because there is a growing need for everyday individuals who are concerned about what their loved ones or employees are up to on their phones.

Before deciding to use cell spy there are a couple of fundamental questions you must ask yourself.

The first question is if you will feel devious and underhand using spying software because this is how many people will see it. Indeed, the usage of the application is probably something that you should keep to yourself. Secondly you need to ask yourself what you will do if you get caught.

Many people decide that the reason they are using the such app is actually for the benefit of their loved one. They do not want their children to be in danger and therefore even though they may feel that using such apps is somewhat devious this can be overlooked as the child’s safety is far more important than a few feelings of guilt.

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Although spying on a partner may seem devious, the fact that your partner could be playing away with another person is also a devious act, which usually alleviates any guilt a partner may feel about using surveillance software.

Getting caught is another matter, but in reality there are only two ways that this can happen. You could be caught installing the application on another person’s device, or it is also a possibility that they will find the application on their phone.

However, there are many programs already on the market that have already taken these issues into consideration, and you do not have to pay several hundred dollars for the app either. Although there are very expensive software applications out there for cell spying, there are also products that only cost in the region of around $40 to $50.

It is not necessary that you are a technical genius in order to install the software correctly. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet and a couple of minutes to get it set up.

The application will be installed on the device by connecting it to the computer, or you can download it by typing a URL given to you by the software manufacturer into the phone’s browser. Reputable software sellers guarantee that their products cannot be detected by the user.

Cell phone spy software does not allow you to tap into the mobile phone of any person. You can only monitor the device of somebody you know who will not notice it has gone missing while you connect it to your computer and install the spying application.

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  • Starbird Kate

    I really hate seeing the people I work with messing with their phones all day. I work hard and don’t play around on company time so it really bothers me to see others act so carelessly… However, I don’t think a business has any right to spy on cellphones, unless it’s a company phone.

  • Jill Knight

    I wish I’d had the foresight to listen to my gut when my boyfriend was spending more time than usual checking his phone. I didn’t want to spy on him so I kept giving him more chances and he kept feeding me excuses…

    We finally broke up when he admitting he was cheating on me. Ugh. I wish I’d have known sooner. He wasted my time! If I could do it all over again I’d have used a monitoring program like this.

  • Lynn Ross

    I think we need to trust more and snoop less. While it’s true that technology makes it easy to cheat, there will always be temptation and you can’t always blame the phone. It’s better to build a solid relationship than to always suspect the worst. That’s what I think, at least.

  • Erik SK

    Kind of scary. I can see why someone would use something like this but I’d hate to have it used against me. I hope my girlfriend trusts me enough to never install such a thing on my phone! I’d rather she told me her concerns upfront. It’s just the more mature thing to do.

  • Anise Blake

    There’s a lot of good reasons to use phone spying software. I know some people think it’s morally wrong but technology has made it so easy for people to do dishonest things all while thinking they won’t be caught… There’s no risk, so there’s no inhibition. I think people do some really bad things they wouldn’t normally because they think there’s no consequences.