What Is the Right Size of Instagram Photo in Pixels?

instagram homepage pictureNowadays your life can be captured in photos and networked to the world by using one app – Instagram.

It has become social networking’s newest star. With it, you don’t have to do a lot, but let a single photo say everything for you.

The size is: 612 x 612 pixels square.

Instagram or “IG” is the latest photo-sharing site which has shot to enormous proportions when it was launched. When acquired by Facebook, the site’s look has been upgraded to become more like Facebook’s little sister.

The facelift worked. With the power to make every person socially adaptable, this generation wouldn’t have been the same without IG. It’s now turned into a massive social network giving emphasis to the power of a single photo.

Social Media And Its Power Nowadays

These days, hashtags are used quite frequently than ever. Anything you’d like to go trending or viral would be aptly attached to a hashtag or the pound sign on your dialers. Making “IGers”, which is short moniker for its users, use this hashtag has created a revolutionary idea that would go bigger than anyone ever hoped.

As evidence of its latest feat, allow the numbers to speak for itself:

  • At 75 million average daily users, 13% of people using the Internet each day are on Instagram.
  • Sixty million photos are posted each and every day.

It’s difficult to argue with those statistics! For more info check out here: 23 Interesting Facts About Instagram

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It has managed to capture the world with the concept of hashtags and selfies. It has brought people closer together. Famous celebrities are reaching out to fans. Now it’s possible to make a friend from the opposite side of the country. When you bring people together like this, one photo can really speak a thousand words.

Dimensions Of Instagram Pictures

What can a single photo really do on IG? Try uploading one, attach a hashtag and watch it creating its own story online. People who don’t even know you can like your photo to show appreciation for it. With it, various interests become intertwined. Or, strangers become instant friends. That’s the power of one photograph.

But before all that happens, you must know how uploading an image is done. When made right, one photo can go viral in 60 seconds. But the opposite is also quite true. Once you upload an image, it’s everybody’s business.

On this note, it’s important to upload the right kind of pictures. Size also matters. The average size is 612 x 612 pixels square. If you take a picture using the app, the photo can be instantly posted and shared.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t post any other image. Anything can be uploaded so long as you have to re-size it using a third-party photo-cropping service. Watch out also this interesting Infographic: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – Complete Social Media Image Size Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apps Used To Crop Pictures For Instagram

As said, not all images on your device’s library can be instantly posted. One has to crop the photo into the right dimensions before it can be uploaded.

  • To do that, you go to Google Play for help. Google Play has an amazing array of cropping services.
  • Some of these popular apps are SquareDoid, InstaSize, NoCrop and Cropic. They either crop the photo or automatically re-orients it to fit the right dimensions.

The choice is yours to make!

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Limits And Ratio Of Instagram Photos

The distinctive style of this app sets it apart from all other social networking services. The “Square” brings back the essence of Polaroid photographs. The typical 612 x 612 pixel ratio of the square isn’t like any other online.

It’s also very different from the usual 4:3 aspect ratio of mobile cameras, hence the need for a cropping tool when uploading images on the app.

Is It possible To Print Instagram Photos?

What sets this app apart from the rest are the features. Filters on IG can help recreate a brand new story for any photograph. Some (if not all) of the best captures your mobile camera can take are on this site, right? Have you ever wondered if you can print them? The answer apparently is a resounding YES.

Today’s technology has made it possible for an app to reproduce pictures by printing them through a variety of ways. But you need to fork in a little bit of cash. With very cheap prices ranging from 30 cents to $35, printing IG images are made possible. Here’s a list of third-party apps that can provide this service:

• Printstagram
• PostalPix
• CanvasPro
• Blurb
• Stickygram
• Imagesnap

What Users Like About Instagram

For the first time since the Internet revolution, photo-sharing has taken on a new meaning with this application. Never before have people been this excited to share a photo. They actually take the time to edit images to make it look good.

There are many reasons to like IG for what it is. Creating memories is chief among them. With a simple upload, any image can be shared to a number of friends and followers. It can even gain more audience (and fans) with the right hashtag attached to each one. To make things more interesting is the fact that it’s all for free.

Yes, it’s easy and fun to keep looking at photographs of people you know or have never met. But to do it at no cost whatsoever is what’s keeping people drawn to it. All other app makers can take a lesson from its story – any application can be great if you don’t ask people to do much or pay a sum to enjoy the service.

For the first time, people are finally given the power to shed their inhibitions and show the world what life is like through an individual’s mobile lens. Call it #socialnetworkingatitsbest.

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