What Are The Top 6 Cydia Sources For 2013?

sourcesCydia allows software and modifications that aren’t authorised by Apple to be installed on iOS devices that have been “jailbroken.” It opens up a wide range of free and paid-for software packages that aren’t available through the Apple store.

In order to do this you first need to set some “repos” – sources that Cydia can check for software.

One repo – BigBoss – is usually available straight after Jailbreaking, but there are many more available. However, it is important to ensure you choose reliable repos to source your software from.

How Can You Add These Repos To Cydia??

Good sources are a gateway to countless possibilities, but unreliable repos can provide questionable software. This could damage your device or even stop it from working altogether. Here are six of the best and most trustworthy repos in existence:

Where Can I Find The Best Cydia Repos You Ask???

1. HackYouriPhone

HackYouriPhone is one of the more popular repos. It is regularly updated and offers a very wide range of software and other modifications. Apps, ringtones, and tweaks and mod for the iOS interface are all available. To add HackYouriPhone to your list of software sources, use the following URL:


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2. SiNful iPhone

SiNful iPhone is another popular repo offering an extensive selection of software and other content. It also has a discussion forum, featuring a large user community which continues to grow. A very wide range of Cydia content is available, and the list is updated regularly. The following URL can be used to access SiNful iPhone:


3. Insanelyi

As one of the best-known sources of content, Insanelyi will be familiar to most people who have been involved with the jailbreaking scene for a while. As well as being well-known, it also offers one of the widest selections of software and mods. There are more than 6,500 items available, with new items being added daily.

Many scripts and tweaks are also written by Insanelyi users, and are therefore exclusive to this repository. Use the following URL to add Insanelyi to your repo list:


4. iHacksRepo

iHacksRepo offers a large list of software and, while not the largest of all, it is definitely one of the most varied repos out there. The list, which is regularly updated, includes software, tweaks and mods for iOS, ringtones, and themes.

There are also hacks, modifications, and cheat patches for official apps you may have previously got from the Apple Store. This is an essential repo for any user. To access iHacks Repo, use the following URL:


5. ModMyi

ModMyi, as the name implies, specialises in downloads to help you modify and customise your iOS device. This means a huge list of tweaks, wallpapers, ringtones, tweaks, and other content. It also has a busy discussion forum, with an active community of over 700,000 users.

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This is a valuable addition if you need help with anything, or simply like to discuss your latest software finds. ModMyi can be added to your repo list with this URL:


6. BiteYourApple

BiteYourApple is another all-round Cydia source. It offers a large and very varied list of downloads. This includes a range of the most popular apps, as part of a huge list of hacks, tweaks and software that is updated daily. To add BiteYourApple as a software source, use this URL:


Disclaimer: Make sure to buy these apps and support the developers!!!

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  • Frank

    Thank for posting these. Insanelyi repo is my favorite.

  • Arnold

    A lot of repos closed recently. Nice to see there are some good ones still out there.

  • ed pierce

    I have used Insanelyi for a while now and it has always had the best content available and has never let me down. I want to try out some of the others just to see how they stack up and will probably start with ModMyi as I have heard many good things and then to see them listed here really makes me interested in them.

  • jon terns

    This post is a wealth of information for anyone wanting to mod their iOS. It seems like it’s getting harder to do anything with your iPhones any more.

  • bree

    I have been having such a hard time breaking my iPhone 5 and I will give some of these sites a try. Is it just the new phone or could it be the network? I recently switched over to a new carrier and that’s when I started having the problems.

  • http://draumstafur.deviantart.com/ nodeer

    Man, I have to give this article to my guy friends! They all have iphones and they love tinkering with them in one way or another – although one of them almost turned his phone into a non-functional brick. This post is a goldmine XD

  • L. Slattery

    Thank you! This is very helpful.

    I already have a device that’s been jailbroken but I wasn’t sure how to customize it. I’ve been hesitant to install a repo that may be damaging. I’ll look through this list and check out my options.

    I can’t wait to pimp out my phone!

  • David Abar

    There are so many illegitimate Cydia repos out there. It can be difficult to find a good one if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    I have some friends who have expressed interest in jailbreaking their phones. I’ll send this to them so they have a reliable source. Thanks, man!

  • Leo

    I just bought a cheap used iPhone. I’m going to jailbreak it and customize it as soon as I get it fixed up. It needs a bit of work but it’s coming along nicely so far. I’ll try the Cydia sources you’ve listed before going anywhere else. It’s hard finding reliable downloads and I don’t want to waste my time elsewhere.

  • Meg

    I think I’ll have to ask my boyfriend for help with this… He’s a lot better at tech stuff than I am. I’ll ask him if he can jailbreak my phone and install a Cydia repo. Some of my friends have jailbroken phones and they have so much more freedom than I do!

  • Trisha

    Is it worth jailbreaking your phone? I know that it voids any sort of warranty you have but are there other implications? I’d love it if I could use my phone without restrictions but I’m a little nervous. Does anyone have any advice? What’s the safest way to do it and can I do it myself?

    • Nelly

      It really depends. I hear Apple is watching for this type of action, so I’m sure they have put some sort of method on all the new iPhones that catches if someone is altering anything. I understand your reservations about it. Apple caught me once and basically bricked my phone. I have jailbroken other iPhones with no problems though. Maybe it depends on the method you use too.

  • Josh

    Thanks man! This is a great list.. I will put it to great use..

  • romin alavi

    Hey this is great. This is something I have been trying to do for some time with little success. Cydia sources that you have mentioned were not in my vocabulary til I read this, and I will definitely be using this to jailbreak my phone. It always seems like a monumental task each time I read about it but now I feel like I may be able to get it done with these sources!

  • WalterJB

    I hate how Apple is so gun-ho on stopping third party apps. I’ve jailbroken every iPhone I purchased and I don’t see why it’s such a problem to do it. Now I hear Apple wants to make that illegal or ban you if you do it. Seriously? I’m glad there’s ways of getting past Apple, because enough is enough Apple.

    That’s one reason I like Android over Apple, you can freely add apps that aren’t on their marketplace, no jailbreaking is needed.

  • Koopa Man

    I’m so happy to see more repos like this pop up. Apple really needs to calm it down on worry of jailbreaking. I just don’t understand why it’s such a big deal. I’ve used HackHouriPhone and it works brilliantly. I must say, it’s nice to be sticking it to Apple, I like my iPhone, but they need to chill out. Get what I’m saying?

  • Emily Upson

    I’ve been looking to jailbreak my iPhone, but I have no idea how to truly do it. Do any of these sites walk you through it? I figure I’ll do a google search for how to do it if that’s not the case. I am not very tech savvy when it comes to anything tech related, so I tend to break things than make them better.

  • Quint

    I honestly didn’t know there was such a thing as jailbreaking an iPhone. Then again I don’t really know many people who own one, most of the people I know use androids and some don’t even have phones. I live in an area where tech isn’t too welcome, so a lot of people kind of put it off. I myself love technology so I am totally interested in this jailbreaking. I have an iPhone and will consider giving it a shot.