Ultimate Guide To Spybubble: Reviews, Downloads And Much More

SpyBubble is one of the best spy app for those who want to keep a very close on their loved ones. Whether you want to make sure your children are telling you the truth about their friends or whereabouts, you want to check up on a spouse that has been behaving rather suspiciously, or you want to make sure your employees are where they are supposed to be, this software will help you get the answers you are looking for.

That_SpybubbleThis one seems to be a hot new choice for spyware, but this review will give you all the answers you need to help you figure out whether this product does what it says, and whether you should spend your hard earned money on it.

Features Of This Mighty Beast

The app provides users with an advanced software that allows for monitoring and tracking any cell phone or iPad that is running on the Android, Symbian, or Blackberry operating system. You can load the software onto any family member or employee’s phone, which will allow you to monitor all activities from your computer. SpyBubble allows you to do a wide range of monitoring activities, including all of the following:

Call Recording

This feature allows you to record any call that is made or received by the phone. Once the call is recorded, the recording is sent to your secure account so you can listen to everything that was said during the call.

Call Logging

Another feature of this app is call logging. This means that any call that is made from or to the device are logged. Additionally, this software records the number of calls made to each individual number, the amount of time each phone call took, and the exact time each call was made. This feature also matches numbers with those that are already in the phone’s memory, so you can also see the name that is attached to that particular number.

Live Call Monitoring

If you purchase the Pro version, you will also be able to intercept and listen to live calls as they are being made.

Text Messaging Monitoring

This app also includes a feature rich text message monitoring program that allows you to keep track of all ingoing and outgoing text messages. The app allows you to read all of the text messages that are sent from and sent to the cell phone you are monitoring.  Each text message is automatically sent to your online account, allowing you to view them even if user has already erased them.

Non-Internet Monitoring

SpyBubble also allows you to monitor any cell phone that does not have internet. The Redirect Text Messages feature allows you to monitor phone related activities, even when there is no internet connection on the phone.

GPS Location and Travel Route Monitoring

Another awesome feature is that it also allows you to monitor the exact location of the device you have installed the program on. This feature allows you to get the exact location of the phone on any particular date and time, and receive a map of the location as well. You can also view the exact location of the phone at any time. It also allows you to monitor the cell while it is traveling from one location to another. This feature will allow you to view any stops during the trip, as well as the exact route that the user was traveling.

Email Monitoring

SpyBubble users are also able to track any emails that are sent or received from the device that you have installed the software on.

Instant Message Monitoring

It also has features that allow you to monitor chats that are carried out over WhatsApp, BBM, and iMessage, which are chatting applications. This feature not only allows you to see the conversations, it also allows you to see the exact date and time that the chats occurred.

Camera Monitoring

This SpyBubble feature automatically uploads any photos that are taken with the camera.

Internet Activity Monitoring

The app also has features that allow you to see all of the websites that are visited on the phone.  It also lets you see all of the calendar activities and contacts that are saved to the phone.

Surrounding Monitoring

SpyBubble also allows you to monitor the surroundings of the phone simply by sending a text message. This feature will cause the phone to automatically start recording all of the background noise in which the phone is located, so you can monitor the phone’s surroundings in real time.

This app allows you to monitor all of these activities, or you can use remote commands to shut off the features you do not want.  This means you can choose to monitor only the GPS location, without worrying about emails or photos.

Benefits That Will Sell This One

The app has many features that allow you to keep track of the activities of the phone you have loaded the software on.  This software is completely undetectable on the phone, allowing you to monitor the activities without the user ever knowing.  This means you can monitor the selected phones at any time, without the user being able to shut off any of the software features.

You have complete control over the monitored activities, and your account is the only one that is able to disable any of the features.


This app is completely safe, and does not have any security issues.

When you register with Qprofit System, you can rest assured that it is completely secure and safe. You need to provide some critical, confidential details, like your name, email id, account number, and may be some other details as well. But you may find solace in the fact that they are very particular about saving the client information and no data is ever given out

Your information is sent securely to your online account, so you know your information is completely safe and protected.

One of the only downsides to SpyBubble is the fact that it does not work on any devices that are running on the Mac operating system.  Otherwise, this software works on any smartphone, iPad, or tablet that uses the Android, Blackberry, or Symbian operating system.


If you are ready to keep tabs on your children, spouse, or employees, this app will allow you to know exactly what the phone users are up to for your own peace of mind.