Top 7 Proxy Sites to Unblock Any Website Out There

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Background On Proxies

Since its creation, surfing the internet has become much more common across the globe than surfing actual waves in the ocean.

As a matter of fact, the amount of time that most people spend on the web is known to eclipse eating and even sleeping.

With a society that is perpetually ‘on the grid’, there have understandably had to be some measures taken to prevent such activities from interfering with professional and formal workspaces.

While making the office more appropriate for a professional environment by stopping access to more adult oriented websites, there are at times so cases in which the blocking of any number of portals is more of an inconvenience than a benefit.

The Best 7 Proxy Websites Out There (Plus 4 More Below)

1. HideMyAss

Hide My Ass is a  server that has established itself as one of the best one for anonymous viewing. The service became available in the year 2005, which goes lengths to demonstrate the  real merit that the sever has due to it lasting so long. The server operates at a rate that is consistently reliable.

As these servers are commonly targeted and taken down due to them raising red flags, a server that is constantly viable is not entirely common and makes Hide My Ass a relatively notable selection by merit of its stability alone.

2. Proxify


Proxify is another incredibly popular server among those who use them to a relatively significant degree. Proxify does not have any of the boundaries commonly put up by professional or educational server to inhibit free browsing, making it so that any and all can be freely accessed without needing to worry that their IP addresses will be marked as inappropriate.

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One drawback to Proxify is that the installation process may be slightly tricky depending on just how web-savvy the user is, but if this can be overcome, then the actual interface  is pleasingly simple to make the most use of with minimal issues.

3. Ninjacloak

Ninjacloak can be used completely free of charge while still offering a high enough quality of browsing to make it worth the trouble. The ports are protected by a firewall that makes the detection of website IP addresses even more difficult for the common filter to pick up and block. lives up to its title by granting the user a complete state of anonymity while they browse, rendering one’s activity practically invisible and eliminating all need to worry about whether or not one is going to run into the issue of having their internet access impeded by pesky filters.

NinjaCloak accomplishes the sizable task of granting users invisibility by using what’s known as a CGI proxy. The Server acts with complete anonymity by handling every different request that the user makes for a certain web address to visit. With the powers of Ninjacloak, one can safely and securely browse the web while being adequately protected from malicious viruses and overprotective filters at the same time.

4. Anonymouse

This server is useful for being completely supportive of typical web functions such as email and other proxies; its also been on the Internet for a long amount of time, providing access since the year 1997. With Anonymouse, one can prevent themselves from being caught up in the illusion of anonymity and actually experience it.

The sever was invented on the principle that far too many internet users are caught up in the illusion that they are completely invisible, while instead, they are actually leaving a trail of data packets that constantly leave evidence of their online activity. With Anonymouse, one can browse the internet without fear of revealing any sensitive personal information that they’d rather remain unrevealed.

The Anonymouse  is reliable and also free enough so that it can be easily and openly accessed by any who choose to make use of it. The subscription to Anonymouse may potentially turn off those who are looking to step up their browsing service to a faster rate of surfing, but if they do so, then they will have access to an enhanced rate of speed and a host of other services.

5. Anonymizer

As can be expected by its name, this is another web server that does the job of adequately masking your online activity so that prying eyes and pesky filters aren’t free to see everything that you are and aren’t comfortable with them viewing. Anonymizer is among the most popular servers out of all the ones that can be found, and this is not due to any coincidence.

The Anonymizer website is centered on offering certain additional services for a small fee, though at its basest level, the server service is completely free to use and does not require any form of fiscal investment.

When you are using the free service, you should be ready to tolerate some various and potentially pushy advertisements that urge you to “upgrade” often. If you can look past the potentially annoying up-sell attempts that the website may push on you from time to time, then you can find that Anonymizer is one of the best choices that you can make in order to mask you web activity.

6. 000FreeProxy

000FreeProxy is a recognized favorite amongst all of the users of free websites. The United States server status is why the server is as popular as it is, giving it a wide base of potential customers access to its anonymous services. When using 000Free, almost every single different blocked website that one wishes to access will be opened up to be visited without any fear.

When using this server, there are a number of options available to more accurately streamline the web browsing experience into one that is fine-tuned to one’s particular preferences.

With 000FreeProxy, one can choose whether or not they want to view the URL of the page from the top, remove JavaScript, enable cookies, show images, show referring sites, use ROT13 encoding on the address, use base64 encoding on the address, strip the page title, or store the cookies for only that session in particular.

7. FreeGate

Free Gate is a web service that can be used either in English or in Chinese. As China is infamous for prohibiting all kinds of different sites, one can use Free Gate in order to unlock potentially inaccessible websites when they are overseas. This site is one of the most popular in the world due to the fact that it is stable, which is a relative rarity in a world of servers that are constantly offline or shut down due to insecure hosting.

The one drawback to using this web service is that is reputation for its strengths is also, ironically, one of its weaknesses. Many employers may be aware of Free Gate and preemptively block the website altogether so that its service is rendered completely impossible.

List of Bonus Sites For Ya Dear Visitors





In response the blocking on public domains that may interfere with (il)legitimate online activities, the ‘proxy’ was invented.

How Does It Work?

Essentially, a proxy can be called a shell that separates the local-area network from the other network that sits on the external area. When these servers were first invented, they were useful in providing a previously unheard-of host of benefits to the world of internet-base communication.

What’s more is that the different machines also had the power either permit or reject different communication signals coming in from the outside.

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Proxy servers brought the concept of website filtering to life, and thanks to their wide capacity for data storage, servers allowed different machines to ration the amount of bandwidth used at any point in time.

Because bandwidth could be properly maintained, the overall rate of network efficiency shot through the roof.

A proxy operates by using a browser that essentially cloaks the online presence of the user so that they aren’t detected and blocked off by the public domain’s filter. It keeps one’s online activity discreet by masking the internet protocol address (IP address) of different websites that may or may not be accessed through browser.

Proxies come in a variety of different forms and made my thousands of different designers. Ironically, some are so popular that they themselves have been inducted into the ‘block’ filter of some public domains to stop would-be cyber ninjas from stealthily browsing whatever website they please.

Are All Proxies The Same?

As there are so many different ones, there are also many different qualities of services to be encountered. Some proxies are undoubtedly much more reliable in providing a stealthy browsing experience than others, and yet still keep a low enough profile so that they aren’t immediately recognized as being conducive to inappropriate website browsing and shut down before users have the chance to reap their benefits.

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Types of Proxies

The purpose  is important to consider when one is going out to use one for secretive surfing. Some are more appropriate for gaming, while others are more appropriate for simple video streaming. By using a premium service, one is able to access different blocked websites in a much more secure fashion that less stable proxies would commonly allow.

Because a premium service will oftentimes get very heavy traffic, it is important to be wary that browsing the internet through a 3rd party service may not always be as rapid as doing it in a more conventional fashion; thankfully, a lot of websites of reputable quality are still swift enough so that they can be used for discreet browsing without detracting from the overall experience of internet browsing too much.

Web Proxy

This type contains a wide cache of different web pages that are made available to be retrieved through different web servers. It allows pages to be viewed by requesting that a caching proxy locates the web page in question from the local registrar of cached web pages. If no page can be drawn from the local registrar, then the cached page is instead drawn from a remote server database. In order to accomplish these tasks, the service employs a certain kind of algorithm that the machine can employ in order to draw different documents from the cache.

Far from only enabling websites that would normally be blocked, these servers are also useful in potentially reformatting different web pages based on the content of their design. Some web pages that contain viruses are actually intercepted by certain servers that detect their malicious nature and prevent the virus from infecting the machine before actual, permanent damage is done.

Transparent Proxy

This type is unlike the conventional version that most people looking to bypass their academic or professional filters are familiar with. A transparent one operates by making it so that web pages can be cached, but it does not provide a real ability of anonymity to the user. The server keeps the IP address of the website viewable while simultaneously making it so that different web pages can be cached and potential viruses can be intercepted.

Why Use A Proxy Server?

By using a proxy server, you are taking back the freedom that the internet has grown into being so adept at providing the world with. A virtual endless palace of information and discovery is always tat the fingertips of one who knows how to utilize a web proxy to move through filters, no matter where in the world they may be at any particular moment in time.

You don’t have to be a wizard of computers and internet service to be able to grasp the most basic concepts of anonymous browsing, and if you have the patience, you may find it one of the most gratifying things you’ve ever done with the internet.

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  • Craig Hayes

    Been using Proxify for a while now, I love how you can just have it in your windows tray next to the time and if a site is blocked you can switch the proxy on without the need to visit a website, This works well for me as i take my own laptop to work but i’m sure the sites would work well if you don’t have permission to install programs on your computer.

  • Jonathan Potter

    Been using web based proxies to unblock sites for years now and Hidemyass has never failed me, others have came and gone but hidemyass is still number one for me unblocking sites.

  • Jonathan Potter

    Im sick of being censored online, being dictated to what i can and can not view. This list of proxy sites are fantastic for me – Im just hoping these sites will not be blocked too.

    • Jacob

      Yeah man I totally agree. It’s like whenever I want to see a trailer for a new movie, but it’s only released in the UK or something and I can’t view it. Hate that so much. Good things proxies come in handy if I ever want to see whatever I want. I think proxy sites will survive, because they have the best ability to get past it all. :)

  • Kyle Gray

    Hidemyass lets you bypass country restrictions (love that feature) as you can select which country you want your server to be in US or UK for example.

    Great list of proxies here – I have used tons of web based proxies in the past and a litle bit of advice if non of them work try the https instead of http sometimes it does work.

  • Jennifer Ward

    Great article Josh, I was always of the understanding if its blocked its blocked. Now i can sneak onto Facebook during my lunch hour (who needs a full hour) to catch up on the latest happenings in my social circles.

  • Carl Houser

    I have used proxies in the past, and I may start using them again. I like Hide My Ass as it seems like the best of the bunch. I will have to use their service. I imagine using proxies while on a public wifi is a good idea, just to keep yourself that much more safer.

  • Brandon T.

    I like having the freedom we used to have on the web back. The internet is becoming more and more like a fighting ground between law makers. I hate how people want to control the internet. The internet should be free to be itself. Thanks for proxy programs and sites that my life has been made much easier because of it. I’m going to check out Hide My Ass now.

  • Tyler H.

    Anonymizer is my favorite of them all. I used Anonymouse before, but I didn’t like it as much. It’s great not having to deal with blocked sites anymore. I used to like viewing sites that are quite obscure, and I did it much of the time in college. These sites would get blocked fast so I just used proxies. I was surprised the school never caught on. It’s weird.

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Proxies are such a beautiful thing. I’ve been using them for quite some time now, from hide my ass to Anonymouse and all that good stuff. The internet is ours and we should be able to view everything we want. I hate how ISPs might start monitoring their customers in the future, and that just isn’t right. Hopefully proxies can stop them from stooping into our business.

  • Jim Finkbeiner

    I have been using HMA (HideMyAss) for years for tasks ranging from getting around filters in high school to Black Hat SEO. They have always been an incredibly reliable service to use and have not disappointed me once. Speeds are also very impressive, many sites will give you low quality third-world country proxies but HMA has great quality control and has never let me down.

  • Ryan G

    Has anyone here tried FreeGate? My corporation’s IT department seems to have that site on lock, whenever I try to visit I just get redirected straight to Google. Not surprising given how popular it is I suppose…000FreeProxy always seems to work just a bit slower than FG.

  • Ross

    At $38 for a one-year subscription, Anonymouse is absolutely worth the price. The free version works great but speed leaves a lot to be desired. With the paid upgrade, speed becomes an issue of the past and you still get all of the great features of Anonymouse free version. As an added bonus, their anonymous e-mail sending tool is pretty nifty as well.

  • Julie W.

    I was looking on my internet history and my boyfriend has been using Proxify a lot recently. Do people use proxies for anonymous browsing from their girlfriend as well? I don’t want to be “that” girl but I am a little worried about why exactly he would be using one of these tools. Hopefully he is just watching movies online and wants to hide that from Comcast.

    • mick lovell

      i think it would be much easier (if he wanted to hide anything from you) to just clear his history? besides, if he didnt – the proxied sites would still be recall-able (is that a word?!!) from history. sounds to me like ur guess is right – a movie site, or maybe a download/torrent site ….. music tracks etc. i dont know which country you are from, but here in england a LOT of these type of sites have been blocked over last year or three, so maybe hes accessing one or more of these. i seriously wouldnt worry yourself about this. if i was wanting to hide something from someone who was using the same computer as me…a proxy site definitely WOULD NOT be the way i did it.

  • Alex

    Do you recommend using web proxy sites, or paying for private proxies if I am looking for speed and reliability? I don’t mind paying a few bucks per month if it is in exchange for increased privacy. HideMyAss is what I normally use but with all of the government news lately I have become more aware of just how private things should be kept, and think that maybe I could be taking additional steps to slip away from prying eyes.

  • Xavier

    I’m *really* surprised that Tor, or any of the services it provides, aren’t mentioned here. It’s pretty much the premier anonymous browsing function of our time… any particular reasons why it didn’t, or shouldn’t make this list It seems a lot more secure than anything you’ve mentioned here.

  • Destiny Warner

    these are all blocked at my schools need new ones

  • Jennifer43

    I’ve used hidemyass many times when at work. they have a blocker installed and not configured properly and it blocks about 50% of the sites out there.

  • Yvonne

    On very rare occasions I ran into getting a Captcha image after using the hidemyass proxy. Maybe there was someone else on at the time doing something or just too many people. It’s only happened a few times however. Other than that it works great!

  • Donna

    With so many sites, companies, even governments recording every thing you do online it’s easy to see why you need a proxy. And this is just the stuff we know about! Do yourself a favor and start surfing with a proxy today.

  • Lynn Ross

    Proxify is generally my proxy of choice, though in some cases I do use others. Thanks for the great
    list! My school has so many sites blocked that it ends up being more of a hassle than a security measure.

  • Kita

    I wish workplaces and universities would realize that blocking websites is obnoxious. People are going to find a way to access the material one way or another. It is so easy to use a proxy that the blocks aren’t effective anyway.

  • Matt

    Thank you for this list! I’m always looking for new proxy services because my workplace goes through and blocks them periodically. It’s frustrating having to find alternative sties.

  • Mark

    I think it’s senseless for workplaces to try to block and monitor internet traffic. The entire office shouldn’t be punished because one guy can’t stay on track and get his work done. Thankfully there’s proxies for the rest of us.

  • Jessica K. Parker

    I primarily use HideMyAss and I’ve found them to be quite fast and very reliable. Anonymouse and FreeGate are also very good in my experience.

  • Andrew Wilson

    HideMyAss and Proxify are great. I use them both semi-regularly and they’ve proven very useful. I’ll remember some of the others from this list if I ever need a backup.

  • Holly

    I’ll have to show this list to my roommate! She’s always looking for proxies to use so that she can view region locked foreign gaming websites.

  • John Lee

    Nice list. This kind of services go down very often so it is nice to have a solid list.

  • William Smith

    I regularly use this and I think that the HideMyAss is the best service.

  • Omar

    These are very handy on the job to a access the blocked sites.

  • Jimmy

    Nice list but you should include or write about service like Tor

  • ed pierce

    I have never heard the term proxy defined so well before! You could teach a class on this stuff Josh! I was always unclear about what exactly a proxy was and, because I thought it was too technical, I never wanted to really know. Now, I know and can actually explain it well enough in my head to understand it better. Thanks for the lesson!

  • jon terns

    Thank you so much for the post! I have a question still, my internet is blocked at work, will any of these sites give me the tools to unblock it and, if so, which one?

  • bree

    I used to use HideMyAss but it hasn’t been working on some sites. Are the site users getting wise to these proxys or is it just the proxy system that is slipping?

  • Maggie

    I was told I was being blocked by a proxy and had no clue what it was. This article really helped me with understanding what proxies are and how they work.

  • Alex

    This is a great article, thanks for the helpful information! I’ve used a lot of the sites on this list but most of them are blocked. Right now I’m using but it will probably get blocked soon

  • James Coyle

    Thanks for the post – given the current climate I think online security and privacy is more important than ever. I use as a web proxy. It’s fairly speedy and enforces HTTPS which is a win in my book.