The Top 6 OMG iPad Wallpaper Websites You Will Love

An iPad is a great device that takes technology to next level. It is one of the hottest products on the market, and everybody wants one. Needless to say, it has a lot to offer.

BackgroundPutting your own image on your iPad is a great way to customize your phone in order to express your individuality and creativity. For instances, if you like cats then you can find wallpaper that features cats and put it on your device.

Thankfully, there are some amazing websites that offer high-quality iPad background options.

List Of Top 6 Sites Plus Some More


ScreenFunk is a website where various artists submit their work for users to download. It goes without saying that artist submissions are a nice feature that everyone can enjoy. After all, it is kind of cool to know that your wallpaper is a work of art. In addition, when you arrive at the homepage, you will see the latest artist submissions.

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There are also specific artist channels that you can browse so that you can easily find background by your favorite artists (if you have any). The website also supports a search feature in order to provide an easier browsing experience for its users. As well, ScreenFunk will give you background recommendations that it thinks that you would like based on what you download. Despite the name, there is nothing funky about ScreenFunk. It is a site that offers very artistic wallpaper options and a pleasant browsing experience.


Do not let the name scare you away; DeviantArt has a wide selection of backgrounds that appeal to many tastes and preferences. The website is updated constantly, so its visitors can always have something new to look forward to. As well, artists often contribute their works to the website, so it is safe to say that the wallpaper options have some artistic merit.

BTW, DeviantArt has a search engine. This can make the process of locating the background that you want much less cumbersome. Overall, DeviantArt is quite the opposite of devious; it is actually a very useful one. Also, it offers background options that are designed by artists. Who does not want that?


Despite the name, iPhone Heat does offer awesome backgrounds for tablets. However, one drawback of the website is that it is does not have a search engine. Because of that, you will have to manually search through their library.

Therefore, finding the specific one that you want may be a bit difficult. Nevertheless, you can easily download it onto your computer and transfer it to your device. On the other hand, if you are browsing with an iPad then you can download it directly onto your device. Taken as a whole, iPhone Heat is worth exploring because of its wide selection and because it is constantly updated.


This site offers a wide variety that can provide an awesome backdrop for your iPad. From the moment you arrive at the homepage, you will see thumbnails. That is quite a welcome to say the least. Unfortunately, at the moment, the site does not have a search engine. As a result, you will have to manually browse around the website, which is kinda bad IMHO. However, by chance, if you are feeling generous or creative then you can even submit wallpaper to the website.

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It is a nice feature that helps people be more charitable; as well, it helps the site’s wallpaper collection grow. Also, the website even has a twitter page you can follow so that you can receive the latest work that this site has to offer. Needless to say, iPad Backdrops is an interesting website that is worth an extra look.


Poolga is a website that features work by professional artists. Therefore, you will be sure to find authentic and premium art that you can save onto your iPad. Unfortunately, the site does not support a sorting feature or a search engine. Therefore, you will have to manually browse the website, so finding onethat you want may be a little tricky. Nevertheless, despite its flaws, Poolga is an amazing source that offers very unique wallpaper choices. Therefore, you should definitely give it a chance.


This is a website that has a very extensive collection of wallpaper options for iPad users, and the site is updated on a daily basis. This site has more than 15 categories. One cool feature that the site has is a timer that tells its visitors when the next update will take place. By using the timer, you will be sure to be of the first people to have the latest wallpaper.




photo credit: _Hadock_ via photopin cc

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  • Nick

    I prefer Deviantart the best out of those. I mainly dig the artistic integrity of all of the wallpaper. I don’t mind the other sites either, but deviantart gives me more of the artist feel I long for. I’ll check out some of the other sites though to see what they have that may be interesting enough to me.

  • Angela

    Thanks for the list Josh. I’ve been trying to find good and well respected wallpaper sites for the iPad and other mobile devices and I haven’t had any luck until I found this blog post. I used to use wallbase for my ipad wallpapers, but they weren’t sized to fit the iPad so it usually looks weird and off.

  • Morgan

    Thank you so much for the great list of wall-paper sites. I never knew deviant art had wall-papers for the ipad or any mobile device for that matter. Did they just include this? Or can you just download certain wall-papers in the size for the iPad? I might have to check each other site out as well and see what one suits me best.

    Thanks again! :)

  • Harry

    I can never find good wallpaper for my iPad. I tried looking around and I found your article, I’ll be checking each site out to see what they can offer me, because google can do so much for me in the iPad wallpaper area. I hate finding crappy wall-paper that doesn’t look good on my iPad. I like Hi-res wallpaper so hopefully all of these sites have them. Thank you!

  • I’m Batman

    Thanks for sharing all of these sites. I’ve used a few of them myself, mainly ScreenFunk, because they have the better selection in my opinion. I never thought to look at deviantart for wallpaper, but now I’m going to give that a look see.

    Have a great day everyone!

  • LarsT

    Great list! I’ve used iPhoneheat many times and feel the same way about the search :(
    I’ll give the others a try they look amazing!

  • Lizzy

    There is a background at Poolga that has icons and such that is extremely funny when someone wants to *see* your ipad for a second. It’s hilarious

  • Dyksta

    I have used Deviantart for some time but never realized the fact that you can use some of the images for your background. I guess it’s one of those ah-ha moments. downloaded an image now to use. Thanks!

  • Lynn Ross

    I love customizing my iPad! DeviantArt is probably my favorite site on this list because there’s always something new to choose from. The artists that contribute are amazingly talented.

  • Kita

    This is a great list of sites! I’ll definitely browse them next time I’m looking for a new background. I like to change mine seasonally.

  • Matt

    I love the variety ScreenFunk and DeviantArt offer. I wish I was talented enough to design my own wallpapers but I have zero artistic ability.

  • Mark

    My iPad is sadly bland. I’ve been wanting to spice it up with some customization but I wasn’t sure where to get nice backgrounds. I’ll look in to some of these sites!

  • Jessica K. Parker

    I’m active on DeviantArt so I’m very happy to see it listed here. It’s a great site. Many don’t know you can find backgrounds and other customization options there.

  • Andrew Wilson

    I think I had my default background up for at least two months before I stumbled upon Poolga and finally changed it. It’s nice to have a background that expresses my personal tastes.

  • George


    Thanks for a nice list. I change my iPad background very often.

  • Gina

    Cool list. I think that the best walls are on

  • Emily

    Nice site list. There is so much to choose from especially if you browse trough Deviantart.

  • Alex

    Thanks for sharing. I never heard of ScreenFun. It seams great.

  • Janet Barclay

    I have an app on my iPhone called Wallpapers & Backgrounds HD Free which is really good. It’s also available for the iPad, but I’m not sure if it’s as good since I don’t have one to try it on.

  • nodeer

    Nice list! I usually use DeviantArt to search for wallpapers, as I have an account there, and it’s convenient, and the offer is…well, incredibly large. HUGE, even. Quality may vary, but if sort by Popular you’re bound to find something good.

    I know Abduzedoo does some wallpaper posts now and then, if anyone is interested in more designer-y stuff.

  • Mary

    Thank you for sharing. I just opened the first three sites and they have really great wallpaper for the iPad.

  • Janice

    I love iheat.. I use it often. I have bookmarked the other ones to use as well. Great list you have compiled.