What Are The Top 6 Cydia Sources For 2013?

Cydia allows software and modifications that aren’t authorised by Apple to be installed on iOS devices that have been “jailbroken.” It opens up a wide range of free and paid-for software packages that aren’t available through the Apple store.

In order to do this you first need to set some “repos” – sources that Cydia can check for software.

One repo – BigBoss – is usually available straight after Jailbreaking, but there are many more available. However, it is important to ensure you choose reliable repos to source your software from.

How Can You Add These Repos To Cydia??

Good sources are a gateway to countless possibilities, but unreliable repos can provide questionable software.

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This could damage your device or even stop it from working altogether. Here are six of the best and most trustworthy repos in existence:

Where Can I Find The Best Cydia Repos You Ask???

1. HackYouriPhone

HackYouriPhone is one of the more popular repos. It is regularly updated and offers a very wide range of software and other modifications. Apps, ringtones, and tweaks and mod for the iOS interface are all available. To add HackYouriPhone to your list of software sources, use the following URL:


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2. SiNful iPhone

SiNful iPhone is another popular repo offering an extensive selection of software and other content. It also has a discussion forum, featuring a large user community which continues to grow. A very wide range of Cydia content is available, and the list is updated regularly. The following URL can be used to access SiNful iPhone:


3. Insanelyi

As one of the best-known sources of content, Insanelyi will be familiar to most people who have been involved with the jailbreaking scene for a while. As well as being well-known, it also offers one of the widest selections of software and mods. There are more than 6,500 items available, with new items being added daily.

Many scripts and tweaks are also written by Insanelyi users, and are therefore exclusive to this repository. Use the following URL to add Insanelyi to your repo list:


4. iHacksRepo

iHacksRepo offers a large list of software and, while not the largest of all, it is definitely one of the most varied repos out there. The list, which is regularly updated, includes software, tweaks and mods for iOS, ringtones, and themes.

There are also hacks, modifications, and cheat patches for official apps you may have previously got from the Apple Store. This is an essential repo for any user. To access iHacks Repo, use the following URL:


5. ModMyi

ModMyi, as the name implies, specialises in downloads to help you modify and customise your iOS device. This means a huge list of tweaks, wallpapers, ringtones, tweaks, and other content. It also has a busy discussion forum, with an active community of over 700,000 users.

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This is a valuable addition if you need help with anything, or simply like to discuss your latest software finds. ModMyi can be added to your repo list with this URL:


6. BiteYourApple

BiteYourApple is another all-round Cydia source. It offers a large and very varied list of downloads. This includes a range of the most popular apps, as part of a huge list of hacks, tweaks and software that is updated daily. To add BiteYourApple as a software source, use this URL:

6 Awesome VTunnel Alternatives For Fast And Secure Browsing

Vtunnel.com is one of the most popular and successful proxy sites for browsing the web anonymously.

It is ideal for visiting sites you aren’t sure whether to trust, and for many other purposes such as avoiding location-based content filters.

Some sites also have added features, like disposable email addresses to safely receive messages from untrusted sites.

Vtunnel may be one of the best-known and most successful proxy sites, but it is far from the only one available. Here are six alternative sites that allow you to browse the web securely without slowing things down:

Here Are The 6 Alternatives You Will Love

1. Anonymouse.org

Anonymouse is one of the oldest and most well-established proxy sites on the web. They have been active since 1997, and are trusted by a large number of browsers. As well as secure surfing, Anonymouse offers the option to send anonymous emails, which can also be delayed for up to twelve hours after sending for extra privacy. They also offer a toolbar for some web browsers, so you don’t have to visit the website to use their tools.

2. HideMyAss.com

HideMyAss.com has an extensive toolset for proxy browsing. As well as offering basic anonymous web surfing, there is the option to receive emails on a disposable account along with file and image hosting. There is also the option to use servers in different countries to access content that is restricted to certain countries, such as BBC iPlayer or Hulu.

3. Proxify.com

Proxify provides services through either downloadable software or simple, browser-based surfing. It is geared very much towards straightforward anonymous browsing, but it offers a range of added tools that can enhance the experience. It can remove ads, block cookies and prevent scripts from running, all of which help to keep your identity private as well as enhancing your safety on sites you don’t trust.

4. VTunnelBrowser.com

VTunnelBrowser.com is a very simple, minimalist service. It just offers proxy-based browsing and content unblocking with very few added features.

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However, it is very secure (largely thanks to the inclusion of SSL) and offers a very fast experience. It will allow you to unblock watching Youtube videos with no noticeable slowdown, making it a perfect option for those who want free, easy secure browsing that won’t take a toll on their internet speed.

5. XRoxy.com

XRoxy.com includes an extensive list of proxies, which is regularly updated. The vast majority of proxies on the list are free, and they are located all over the world making it ideal for accessing location-restricted content. The list can be easily filtered to find your desired features, such as SSL security. Registration is free, though there is also a paid subscription option that gives access to some added features.

6. The-Cloak.com

The Cloak is a simple, fast and very secure free website. It offers few added features, but it is very good at what it does. It allows you to anonymously and securely browse the web, and doesn’t slow down media downloads. It also allows cookies to be stored remotely with them, rather than on your computer, and easily deleted.

Download And Install WeChat For PC: Step by Step Guide

Wechat is a multi-purpose chat application from Tencent, a major software company in China. It is available in a range of languages, and has more than 300 million users worldwide. The app allows for voice messaging, including group voice chat, video chat, and text messaging.

It is available for smartphones, including iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone, but the app’s popularity and wide range of features lead many to look for a way to install it on their home computers as well. Although no PC version has been released to date, it can be easily installed using an emulator.

Step One: Install Your Android Emulator

Firstly, you need to find and install an emulator. Your computer cannot run Android apps directly, but an emulator is the easiest way around the problem. Put simply, your computer runs the emulator, and the emulator runs the app. There are many emulators available and they can be easily found through search engines such as Google, but one of the best and most popular is Bluestacks.

Bluestacks offers plenty of features, runs smoothly for most users, and unlike some of its competitors it is completely free. You can download it from bluestacks.com then double click the downloaded file to start the installation.

Step Two: Install Wechat to Your Emulator

Bluestacks and most other emulators include a function to search for available apps. This makes installing it, but also WhatsApp very easy. Just run your emulator and search for “Wechat,” and you should easily find the right program on the list of results.

Just click to install, and it will be automatically added to your list of installed apps.Now, when you open Bluestacks, you can easily launch the program and any other apps you care to install in the same way.

Step Three: Create an Account & Enjoy

When you run it for the first time, you will be asked to sign in or create an account. If you already have an account from using the app on your phone, just log in as usual. On the other hand, if this is the first time you have used this app you need to register for an account.

Once you register, you pay a small amount for SnapCash, but this is not the cost of software, that is completely free. This is the first investment that you make. The software is completely automated but you can also trade manually, if you are confident and have some experience. After registration is complete, the robot starts trading on your behalf.

This is very simple, and just involves entering a few personal details such as your country and name. You will also have an option to link to your Facebook account.

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When it asks for your phone number, make sure you give your real one and have easy access to the phone. A verification code will be sent to the number you provide, and you need this to successfully complete your registration.

Once you start using this great application, you will find a wide range of chat and messaging features. Many people also save money from using Wechat, as the voice messaging makes a great alternative to phone calls, especially with added features such as group voice chat. Video calls and instant text messaging also make great alternatives to SMS and other PC chat clients.

12 Ways To Protect Children’s Privacy Online

Privacy1. Determine Where Your Children Can and Cannot Go On The Internet

• Visit some sites for kids and notice when sites gather personal information.

• Read privacy statements. If not in agreement, find a comparable site not requesting personal information.

• Block content that is unsuitable.

• A good strategy for inappropriate subject matter is to block it before seeing it. There are some ways for doing this with Microsoft software.

• Windows, Windows 7 and Windows 8. These three include parental control features for helping parents manage, monitor and oversee computer use by their children to keep them protected. See “Keep Your Family Safer” in Windows 8 parental controls, and see “Protecting Your Kids with Family Safety” in Windows 7.

• Parental controls are available for Xbox restricting your children’s capability to play games and watch DVD movies that are inappropriate.

• Read “Set Parental Controls” for Xbox live and Xbox 360 for additional information.

2. Increase Your Security And Pivacy

• Blocking sites and downloads that can put your privacy and security at risk is a good idea.

• Set limits with your children on downloading free music and games, toolbars that are animated, and downloads having the potential to put your computer at risk by exposing it to unwanted spyware or software.

• Teach your children, depending on their ages, not to download any software from the Internet that is unknown. Have them ask for your permission before downloading anything. This will prevent unwanted software from being on your computer.

• Some common sites that your kids might accidentally download can possibly infect your computer with viruses, malware, Trojan horses or spyware without them having your permission beforehand. For more information to avoid this, see No. 3 for monitoring where your children go online.

• Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 permit the creating of multiple user accounts on your computer. Each user will log on with a distinct profile and have their own Desktop and My Documents folder. Give yourself an Administrator account and Limited User accounts for your children.

• Microsoft Security Essentials is a good antispyware and antivirus software. This will help you notice, disable or remove spyware, viruses, and other unwanted and possible software not wanted. It can be downloaded free from Microsoft for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. See “Help Protect Your PC” with Microsoft Security for additional information. Windows 8 or Windows RT does not require Microsoft Security Essentials.

• Norton Symantec offers Internet Security protection that can be downloaded from its site and it’s a bit pricey but powerful.

• Microsoft Internet Explorer permits you to adjust the browser security settings protecting your children by assigning website security levels under Tools/Internet Options.

3. Observe Where Your Kids Visit Online

• It is impossible to be with your children at all times when they are online. It is possible to check where they have been later.

• In Internet Explorer, you can review the History list as the Administrator to see the places your children have visited. Click on the History button on the browser’s toolbar to view the Internet History.

• See, “What Are Parental Controls?” in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 that will allow you to observe where your kids visit online.

4. Tell Your Kids Never Talk To Strangers Online

• Social networking, instant messaging, and real-time chatting is a wonderful way kids can connect for discussing their interests and to form friendships. The ability to be anonymous on the Internet can put kids at risk becoming victims to predators and imposters. Children are vulnerable and to curtail their risk, have them take precautions, for example:

  1. Identify themselves with a nickname or only a first name
  2. Never give out their address or phone number
  3. Never send photos of themselves or anyone else
  4. Do not agree to meet anyone they have met online without a parent

• See “Protecting Young People from Online Risks” for further information to help children from being contacted by strangers during instant messaging. Parents can configure their software to permit only contacts that have been approved.

5. Do Not Inadvertently Reveal Personal Information

• Configure your Web browser, or have a professional do it for you, if it’s too difficult. You might be removing personal details and e-mail addresses as well as other contact information without being aware you are doing this.

• Go to your browser. In the “Setup,” “Options,” or “Preferences” menu use a pseudonym (false name) rather than your real name. Do not enter your e-mail address or personal identifiable information (PII). If you browse to a website that you think you can trust, you can give your PII in required forms on their site. Your browser should not permit this information be available to all sites.

• Be aware for “internet defaults”—programs that are system-wide on your computer including Window’s Internet Control Panel, and Mac operating system’s Configuration Manager, including a third-party Mac utility, Internet Config.

• The aforementioned should be configured so that they are anonymous, as your browser is. Remove any PII from any of the locations. Homes having kids can have further security issues. Have explicit rules with children so they are aware not to disclose PII. If you, the parents trust certain sites, then you would allow your children to go there.

• Use cookie management software such as: http://download.cnet.com/MAXA-Cookie-Manager/3000-2144_4-10833465.html or http://www.ampsoft.net/utilities/CookieMonster.php– There are others available online by searching for “cookie management software.”

6. Turn On Cookie Notices In Your Web Browser

• Tidbits of information are called cookies that web sites you visit keep temporarily and can be permanent. Cookies are harmless and useful normally. There are other types of cookies that are used for “mining” searching for data for tracking your every move and click you make for determining where you’ve been and your time there. These are used for marketing to try to sell you something.

• Besides the normal browser, most people are not aware that there are new super cookie types that have developed. These cookies do not delete together with your browser cookies being used by all browsers. Web bug cookies track your browsing and create a profile of your habits and interests.

• Read more: MAXA Cookie Manager, free download and software reviews, CNET Download.com http://download.cnet.com/MAXA-Cookie-Manager/3000-2144_4-10833465.html#ixzz2e9RLHsFN

• Only the cookie creator at sites can read most cookies. Some companies managing banner ads are cookie sharing rings, tracking the pages you load, the ads you click and more, then share this info with thousands of their web site clients. Cookie sharing rings are: DoubleClick, AdCast and LinkExchange. Don’t go there! DoubleClick somehow sneaks onto your computer and must be removed from the programs uninstall in your control panel (Windows). You can run Spybot, a wonderful program to find and destroy malicious items that have snuck in without your knowing. Kids are especially vulnerable when surfing.

7. Have A “Clean” E-Mail Address

Keep Them Off• When sending e-mail to unknown people, posting to blogs, in chat rooms or other public places on the Internet, or publishing your own Web page, mention your e-mail address from a side account, such as Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail and others as an alternate e-mail address and to use your preferred e-mail address with trusted individuals.

8. Minimize Access To Your Information

• You probably know people who could easily gain physical access to your computer or laptop, such as family, children, roommates, visitors and others. Identifying people who could gain remote access to your computer is more difficult. While having a computer connected to a network or the Internet, you and your family are vulnerable to something or someone accessing or corrupting your information. To make this more difficult, you can foster good habits,

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see Nos. 9 and 10, below.

9. Log-Off

• When you are away from your computer, log-off or lock it. Have it pass word protected when logging on, and this is for your children as well. This will prevent someone from waiting for you to leave then accessing your computer for your personal information.

10. Disconnect Your Computer

• For added security, disconnect your computer from your cable modem making it impossible for anyone to compromise your computer. It is less convenient this way, but the convenience of being connected comes with risk. Being always connected allows scanning the network for available computers is higher when you or your children are constantly plugged in.

11. Privacy Statements

• Check for privacy policy statements or seals indicating that the site stands by privacy standards. Read how your privacy will be protected. Teach this to your children.

• Look for indicators that you are using a secure web page. These sites scramble or encrypt personal information that cannot be intercepted easily. Screen notices state that you are at a secure site and there may be a closed lock in the bottom corner of your screen. The “http” in the Internet address might change to “https” (“s” means secure) and change color as well. These are good indicators for children as well keeping them secure.

12. Online Privacy Compromised

• If you think your information or your children’s information has been compromised, get in touch with your bank and financial organizations immediately to close accounts. Watch for charges that you or the children did not make.

• Be sure to check all credit reporting agencies for activity that is unusual. Report this to the police and report it to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

How To Catch A Cheating Partner Via Their Cell Phone

Do you think your spouse or partner might be cheating on you?

Warning Signs

CheaterIf you have seen warning signs that your spouse or significant other is cheating on you, you have a right to be worried. The first signs that somebody is being unfaithful are small and insignificant – it could be that they have to stay late at work on occasion or perhaps they seem to be spending more time with their friends than usual.

If this is a very occasional occurrence you have no reason to worry, but if you notice your partner is working late most nights or leaving for work extremely early in the morning several days a week, it might be time to take action.

Another common reason that people become suspicious is when a partner starts taking more pride in their appearance.

Perhaps your wife who has never been concerned about her weight suddenly decides she wants to diet or maybe your husband has taken to wearing aftershave and wanting his best clothes washed frequently – although in the past he never cared, and was quite happy to slop around in old T-shirts.

These are just a few of the signals that might indicate your partner is cheating. There are dozens of other signs that may raise your suspicions but the important thing is to find proof either way, so your mind will be put to rest or you can take appropriate measures.

The Ultimate Solution

The easiest way to catch your partner cheating is to check their mobile phone. If you see a strange number that he calls several times a day, or an unlisted number calls him frequently, there most probably is a reason to suspect something is going on. However, constantly checking your partner’s phone is not feasible as a cheating spouse is not likely to let it out of their sight for very long.

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The answer to this is to install a small application on your significant other’s cellphone without their knowledge. Once the program is installed all you need to do is log on to a provided member’s site and you will be able to read all the text messages they have received or sent as well as note the telephone numbers they dial and receive calls from.

Because this information is on the Internet you can view it from any computer at any time you wish. The application is completely undetectable and your spouse will never know they have a spy app installed on the phone that is sending data to a remote server.

Even if your partner and erases all text messages from the phone as soon as he has read them, you will still be able to access them at any time. This will give you all the proof you need to proceed accordingly. You can even print the messages to confront your partner with.

The software can be installed on many types of cellphones easily.

But with some systems you do not even need to download and install the programs. But you must always verify their legit status with which your personal account will be incorporated. It is important that they provide you a secure and safe platform so your money is safe. Experts have recommended reading and gaining some insight about these websites before deciding their trust worthiness.

The best way to do this is to navigate to the URL that you will be provided with once you have purchased the app and download the software directly onto your partner’s phone.

The whole process takes less than 10 minutes, and once completed there will be no reason for you to physically access the phone again as you can do it easily online simply by entering your provided username and password into the members secret area. You will be able to see absolutely everything that your spouse has been up to and he will have no knowledge of your spying at all.

Therefore, if you feel suspicious of your spouse because he has been acting strangely lately, you know what to do. This is the simplest and fastest way to learn exactly what is really going on.

Top 7 Proxy Sites To Unblock Any Website Out There

Background On Proxies

Since its creation, surfing the internet has become much more common across the globe than surfing actual waves in the ocean. As a matter of fact, the amount of time that most people spend on the web is known to eclipse eating and even sleeping. With a society that is perpetually ‘on the grid’, there have understandably had to be some measures taken to prevent such activities from interfering with professional and formal workspaces.

SiteWhile making the office more appropriate for a professional environment by stopping access to more adult oriented websites, there are at times so cases in which the blocking of any number of websites is more of an inconvenience than a benefit.

In response the blocking of websites on public domains that may interfere with (il)legitimate online activities, the ‘proxy’ was invented.

How Does It Work?

Essentially, a proxy can be called a shell that separates the local-area network from the other network that sits on the external area. When these servers were first invented, they were useful in providing a previously unheard-of host of benefits to the world of internet-base communication.

What’s more is that the different machines also had the power either permit or reject different communication signals coming in from the outside.

The robotic system of The Qprofit System can check thousands of signals in the financial world as it combines the powerful tools of big data managementand a highly advanced quantum technology that is available. Most investors have found that it filters the information from many websites and is very safe to use. It allows its use from any browser and any device so another safe point is that it does not need to be downloaded.

Proxy servers brought the concept of website filtering to life, and thanks to their wide capacity for data storage, servers allowed different machines to ration the amount of bandwidth used at any point in time.

Because bandwidth could be properly maintained, the overall rate of network efficiency shot through the roof.

A proxy operates by using a browser that essentially cloaks the online presence of the user so that they aren’t detected and blocked off by the public domain’s filter. It keeps one’s online activity discreet by masking the internet protocol address (IP address) of different websites that may or may not be accessed through browser.

Proxies come in a variety of different forms and made my thousands of different designers. Ironically, some websites are so popular that they themselves have been inducted into the ‘block’ filter of some public domains to stop would-be cyber ninjas from stealthily browsing whatever website they please.

Are All Proxies The Same?

As there are so many different websites, there are also many different qualities of services to be encountered. Some proxies are undoubtedly much more reliable in providing a stealthy browsing experience than others, and yet still keep a low enough profile so that they aren’t immediately recognized as being conducive to inappropriate website browsing and shut down before users have the chance to reap their benefits.

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Types of Proxies

The purpose  is important to consider when one is going out to use one for secretive surfing. Some are more appropriate for gaming, while others are more appropriate for simple video streaming. By using a premium service, one is able to access different blocked websites in a much more secure fashion that less stable proxies would commonly allow.

Because a premium service will oftentimes get very heavy traffic, it is important to be wary that browsing the internet through a 3rd party service may not always be as rapid as doing it in a more conventional fashion; thankfully, a lot of websites of reputable quality are still swift enough so that they can be used for discreet browsing without detracting from the overall experience of internet browsing too much.

Web Proxy

This type contains a wide cache of different web pages that are made available to be retrieved through different web servers. It allows pages to be viewed by requesting that a caching proxy locates the web page in question from the local registrar of cached web pages. If no page can be drawn from the local registrar, then the cached page is instead drawn from a remote server database. In order to accomplish these tasks, the service employs a certain kind of algorithm that the machine can employ in order to draw different documents from the cache.

Far from only enabling websites that would normally be blocked, these servers are also useful in potentially reformatting different web pages based on the content of their design. Some web pages that contain viruses are actually intercepted by certain servers that detect their malicious nature and prevent the virus from infecting the machine before actual, permanent damage is done.

Transparent Proxy

This type is unlike the conventional version that most people looking to bypass their academic or professional filters are familiar with. A transparent one operates by making it so that web pages can be cached, but it does not provide a real ability of anonymity to the user. The server keeps the IP address of the website viewable while simultaneously making it so that different web pages can be cached and potential viruses can be intercepted.


The Best 7 Proxy Websites Out There

1. HideMyAss

Hide My Ass is a  server that has established itself as one of the best one for anonymous viewing. The service became available in the year 2005, which goes lengths to demonstrate the  real merit that the sever has due to it lasting so long. The server operates at a rate that is consistently reliable. As these servers are commonly targeted and taken down due to them raising red flags, a server that is constantly viable is not entirely common and makes Hide My Ass a relatively notable selection by merit of its stability alone.

2. Proxify

Proxify is another incredibly popular server among those who use them to a relatively significant degree. Proxify does not have any of the boundaries commonly put up by professional or educational server to inhibit free browsing, making it so that any and all blocked websites can be freely accessed without needing to worry that their IP addresses will be marked as inappropriate.

One drawback to Proxify is that the installation process may be slightly tricky depending on just how web-savvy the user is, but if this can be overcome, then the actual interface  is pleasingly simple to make the most use of with minimal issues.

3. Ninjacloak

Ninjacloak can be used completely free of charge while still offering a high enough quality of browsing to make it worth the trouble. The ports are protected by a firewall that makes the detection of website IP addresses even more difficult for the common filter to pick up and block. Ninjacloak.com lives up to its title by granting the user a complete state of anonymity while they browse, rendering one’s activity practically invisible and eliminating all need to worry about whether or not one is going to run into the issue of having their internet access impeded by pesky filters.

NinjaCloak accomplishes the sizable task of granting users invisibility by using what’s known as a CGI proxy. The Server acts with complete anonymity by handling every different request that the user makes for a certain web address to visit. With the powers of Ninjacloak, one can safely and securely browse the web while being adequately protected from malicious viruses and overprotective filters at the same time.

4. Anonymouse

This server is useful for being completely supportive of typical web functions such as email and other proxies; its also been on the Internet for a long amount of time, providing access since the year 1997. With Anonymouse, one can prevent themselves from being caught up in the illusion of anonymity and actually experience it.

The sever was invented on the principle that far too many internet users are caught up in the illusion that they are completely invisible, while instead, they are actually leaving a trail of data packets that constantly leave evidence of their online activity. With Anonymouse, one can browse the internet without fear of revealing any sensitive personal information that they’d rather remain unrevealed.

The Anonymouse  is reliable and also free enough so that it can be easily and openly accessed by any who choose to make use of it. The subscription to Anonymouse may potentially turn off those who are looking to step up their browsing service to a faster rate of surfing, but if they do so, then they will have access to an enhanced rate of speed and a host of other services.

5. Anonymizer

As can be expected by its name, this is another web server that does the job of adequately masking your online activity so that prying eyes and pesky filters aren’t free to see everything that you are and aren’t comfortable with them viewing. Anonymizer is among the most popular servers out of all the ones that can be found, and this is not due to any coincidence. The Anonymizer website is centered on offering certain additional services for a small fee, though at its basest level, the server service is completely free to use and does not require any form of fiscal investment.

When you are using the free service, you should be ready to tolerate some various and potentially pushy advertisements that urge you to “upgrade” often. If you can look past the potentially annoying up-sell attempts that the website may push on you from time to time, then you can find that Anonymizer is one of the best choices that you can make in order to mask you web activity.

6. 000FreeProxy

000FreeProxy is a recognized favorite amongst all of the users of free websites. The United States server status is why the server is as popular as it is, giving it a wide base of potential customers access to its anonymous services. When using 000Free, almost every single different blocked website that one wishes to access will be opened up to be visited without any fear.

When using this server, there are a number of options available to more accurately streamline the web browsing experience into one that is fine-tuned to one’s particular preferences. With 000FreeProxy, one can choose whether or not they want to view the URL of the page from the top, remove JavaScript, enable cookies, show images, show referring sites, use ROT13 encoding on the address, use base64 encoding on the address, strip the page title, or store the cookies for only that session in particular.

7. FreeGate

Free Gate is a web service that can be used either in English or in Chinese. As China is infamous for prohibiting all kinds of different websites, one can use Free Gate in order to unlock potentially inaccessible websites when they are overseas. This site is one of the most popular in the world due to the fact that it is stable, which is a relative rarity in a world of servers that are constantly offline or shut down due to insecure hosting.

The one drawback to using this web service is that is reputation for its strengths is also, ironically, one of its weaknesses. Many employers may be aware of Free Gate and preemptively block the website altogether so that its service is rendered completely impossible.

Why Use A Proxy Server?

By using a proxy server, you are taking back the freedom that the internet has grown into being so adept at providing the world with. A virtual endless palace of information and discovery is always tat the fingertips of one who knows how to utilize a web proxy to move through filters, no matter where in the world they may be at any particular moment in time.

You don’t have to be a wizard of computers and internet service to be able to grasp the most basic concepts of anonymous browsing, and if you have the patience, you may find it one of the most gratifying things you’ve ever done with the internet.

The 5 Most Awesome iPhone Wallpaper Websites That Rock

An iPhone is hottest product on the market; everyone wants to have one. It can perform so many cool functions, and it looks nice as well. What could be better than that? Of course, when you get one, you want to personalize it with fancy wallpaper so that it reflects who you are.

For example, if you are saving up money in order to take a trip to France then you can put French-inspired one in order to remind you of what you are working toward.

However, finding the best wallpaper can sometimes be a challenge. There are so many different websites out there.

Here Are Top 5

1. iPhoneHeat.com

This site has a wide range of options to choose from.

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Therefore, there is a great chance that you will find what you are looking for. Unfortunately, the website does not have a search engine, so you will have to scroll through pages in order to find the specific wallpaper that you want for your device.

However, once you have found the one you want, you can put it directly onto you iPhone by using the camera function. Alternatively, you can save the wallpaper to your computer and transfer it to your iPhone. Overall, the site does not offer the most user-friendly experience, but the site is worth exploring because it is very mobile-friendly.

2. CreativeFan.com

The site categorizes its wallpaper in order to make browsing an easier process for its visitors. Some of the categories include fantasy, science fiction, nature, and outer space.

However, the website does in fact have a search engine, so you will be sure to find the perfect one that you are looking for with much less difficulty. Creative Fan is definitely a user-friendly site with a lot to offer, and high definition wallpaper is definitely worth exploring.

3. Poolga.com

Poolga is quite a unique source because it features artwork by professional artists. At the moment, no other can provide that type of craftsmanship.

As well, your selection will be a true work of art, which is a great benefit in itself. Regrettably, as amazing as the website is, it does not have a search engine. Therefore, you will have to manually search the website in order to find what you are looking for. However, having an original piece of art is well worth the search. Taken as a whole, Poolga does offer some great benefits despite it not having the most user-friendly interface.

4. DailyiPhoneBlog.com

This one offers many background choices, and it adds new ones to its site on a daily basis. Therefore, it has an ever-expanding catalogr, so you will be more likely to find a choice that satisfies your tastes. Sadly, despite its constantly growing collection of wallpaper choices, the site does not support a search feature.

As a result, you will have to manually browse around the website in order to locate the background you want. Nevertheless, it is still a great portal because it constantly increases its wallpaper library on a daily basis.

5. iDesigniPhone.com

This is another great source for obtaining backgrounds. The site has more than 10,000 options to select from; they have been sorted into around 40 categories. Therefore, the website is likely to have something that you like. However, one downside to this website is that it does not have the most mobile-friendly view.

Therefore, oddly enough, it may be more convenient for you to browse the website with a computer or laptop and download the one that you want. Nonetheless, the site has a wide selection that is worth exploring. On the whole, it has way more benefits than downsides.

The Top 6 OMG iPad Wallpaper Websites You Will Love

An iPad is a great device that takes technology to next level. It is one of the hottest products on the market, and everybody wants one. Needless to say, it has a lot to offer.

BackgroundPutting your own image on your iPad is a great way to customize your phone in order to express your individuality and creativity. For instances, if you like cats then you can find wallpaper that features cats and put it on your device.

Thankfully, there are some amazing websites that offer high-quality iPad background options.

List Of Top 6 Sites Plus Some More

1. ScreenFunk.com

ScreenFunk is a website where various artists submit their work for users to download. It goes without saying that artist submissions are a nice feature that everyone can enjoy. After all, it is kind of cool to know that your wallpaper is a work of art. In addition, when you arrive at the homepage, you will see the latest artist submissions.

There are also specific artist channels that you can browse so that you can easily find background by your favorite artists (if you have any). The website also supports a search feature in order to provide an easier browsing experience for its users.

These are similar to the easy browsing experience provided by the Top 10 Binary Signals website that helps you to choose the best binary trading option for you. It has a lot of information that is useful to decide the best suited portal for your needs. It recommends only those websites that have a proven track record of consistent profits for the investors.

As well, ScreenFunk will give you background recommendations that it thinks that you would like based on what you download. Despite the name, there is nothing funky about ScreenFunk. It is a site that offers very artistic wallpaper options and a pleasant browsing experience.

2. DeviantArt.com

Do not let the name scare you away; DeviantArt has a wide selection of backgrounds that appeal to many tastes and preferences. The website is updated constantly, so its visitors can always have something new to look forward to. As well, artists often contribute their works to the website, so it is safe to say that the wallpaper options have some artistic merit.

BTW, DeviantArt has a search engine. This can make the process of locating the background that you want much less cumbersome. Overall, DeviantArt is quite the opposite of devious; it is actually a very useful one. Also, it offers background options that are designed by artists. Who does not want that?

3. iPhoneHeat.com

Despite the name, iPhone Heat does offer awesome backgrounds for tablets. However, one drawback of the website is that it is does not have a search engine. Because of that, you will have to manually search through their library.

Therefore, finding the specific one that you want may be a bit difficult. Nevertheless, you can easily download it onto your computer and transfer it to your device. On the other hand, if you are browsing with an iPad then you can download it directly onto your device. Taken as a whole, iPhone Heat is worth exploring because of its wide selection and because it is constantly updated.

4. iPadBackdrops.com

This site offers a wide variety that can provide an awesome backdrop for your iPad. From the moment you arrive at the homepage, you will see thumbnails. That is quite a welcome to say the least. Unfortunately, at the moment, the site does not have a search engine. As a result, you will have to manually browse around the website, which is kinda bad IMHO. However, by chance, if you are feeling generous or creative then you can even submit wallpaper to the website.

It is a nice feature that helps people be more charitable; as well, it helps the site’s wallpaper collection grow. Also, the website even has a twitter page you can follow so that you can receive the latest work that this site has to offer. Needless to say, iPad Backdrops is an interesting website that is worth an extra look.

5. Poolga.com

Poolga is a website that features work by professional artists. Therefore, you will be sure to find authentic and premium art that you can save onto your iPad. Unfortunately, the site does not support a sorting feature or a search engine. Therefore, you will have to manually browse the website, so finding onethat you want may be a little tricky. Nevertheless, despite its flaws, Poolga is an amazing source that offers very unique wallpaper choices. Therefore, you should definitely give it a chance.

6. iPadWalls.com

This is a website that has a very extensive collection of wallpaper options for iPad users, and the site is updated on a daily basis. This site has more than 15 categories. One cool feature that the site has is a timer that tells its visitors when the next update will take place. By using the timer, you will be sure to be of the first people to have the latest wallpaper.

Why Everyday People Are Using Mobile Phone Spying Software

Spying software and convert underground surveillance applications to monitor mobile phone usage are becoming increasingly popular these days.

SpyMobile phones have come on in leaps and bounds with ever-changing technology and new features being added constantly.

With a small device it is now possible to browse the Internet, watch a movie through streaming video, take pictures and instantly send them to friends and family anywhere in the world, and constantly keep in touch with all your friends at the same time via social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.

And now, you can even trade using your mobile phone!

Surprised? The other day, a nephew who had cone to stay with me for his summer break notoriously kept looking into his phone and shouting number excitedly, sure enough to raise my curiosity!

I asked him what he was so excited about and he let me in to it. He was trading on software called the Orion Code. This particular software allows traders above eighteen years to trade in binary options online. This nephew of mine makes at least $250 on a real good day! That’s amazing, isn’t it? To know how you can also earn that much find out here.

This allows cell users to organize their social lives and keep in touch with their friends 24 hours a day – and all this from one tiny device! Needless to say, this has led to people spending a lot more time on their phones than they used to, when the only function of the average mobile telephone was to make calls or send text messages.

The increase in technology used in mobiles also increases the opportunity for some people to abuse the device they have at their fingertips. Some examples of this include the following:

• Having a mobile phone and instant access to hundreds of people has led to partners and spouses having more opportunity to cheat.

• There is a wide range of enjoyable activities for employees to perform that they should not be doing during working hours.

• Young people have more chance to do things behind parent’s backs, and this may put them at risk from evil predators.

3 Simple Benefits

  1. If your partner is constantly giving excuses and staying late at work, or if he spends a lot of time browsing on his telephone rather than wanting to chat with you, it is no wonder that you might feel uneasy.
  2. It is also natural for parents to worry about who their children are communicating with when sitting in their bedrooms alone. As a parent you might also be worried that your child is looking at adult-only content on a mobile. Another increasing problem for parents is the rising costs of children’s bills.
  3. If you are a boss paying your employees a good wage, it is only natural that you feel angry if they seem to be spending unusual amounts of time looking at their phones and not much work seems to be getting done.

These concerns and many more are leading to people taking action. Although sometimes this is done for the wrong reasons it is usually because somebody would like to have peace of mind and the only way of getting this is to obtain proof regarding another person’s cell usage.

Once you know exactly what another person is doing with their phone you can either relax because your fears were unfounded, or you will have proof to confront them.

Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Spying Robert Siciliano

Spy Software Is Here For Your Rescue

Firstly, it is important to realize that mobile spying software is not something out of the offices of MI5 or the FBI. It was created because there is a growing need for everyday individuals who are concerned about what their loved ones or employees are up to on their phones.

Before deciding to use cell spy there are a couple of fundamental questions you must ask yourself.

The first question is if you will feel devious and underhand using spying software because this is how many people will see it. Indeed, the usage of the application is probably something that you should keep to yourself. Secondly you need to ask yourself what you will do if you get caught.

Many people decide that the reason they are using the such app is actually for the benefit of their loved one. They do not want their children to be in danger and therefore even though they may feel that using such apps is somewhat devious this can be overlooked as the child’s safety is far more important than a few feelings of guilt.

Although spying on a partner may seem devious, the fact that your partner could be playing away with another person is also a devious act, which usually alleviates any guilt a partner may feel about using surveillance software.

Getting caught is another matter, but in reality there are only two ways that this can happen. You could be caught installing the application on another person’s device, or it is also a possibility that they will find the application on their phone.

However, there are many programs already on the market that have already taken these issues into consideration, and you do not have to pay several hundred dollars for the app either. Although there are very expensive software applications out there for cell spying, there are also products that only cost in the region of around $40 to $50.

It is not necessary that you are a technical genius in order to install the software correctly. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet and a couple of minutes to get it set up.

The application will be installed on the device by connecting it to the computer, or you can download it by typing a URL given to you by the software manufacturer into the phone’s browser. Reputable software sellers guarantee that their products cannot be detected by the user.

Cell phone spy software does not allow you to tap into the mobile phone of any person. You can only monitor the device of somebody you know who will not notice it has gone missing while you connect it to your computer and install the spying application.

Ultimate Guide To Spybubble: Reviews, Downloads And Much More

SpyBubble is one of the best spy app for those who want to keep a very close on their loved ones. Whether you want to make sure your children are telling you the truth about their friends or whereabouts, you want to check up on a spouse that has been behaving rather suspiciously, or you want to make sure your employees are where they are supposed to be, this software will help you get the answers you are looking for.

That_SpybubbleThis one seems to be a hot new choice for spyware, but this review will give you all the answers you need to help you figure out whether this product does what it says, and whether you should spend your hard earned money on it.

Features Of This Mighty Beast

The app provides users with an advanced software that allows for monitoring and tracking any cell phone or iPad that is running on the Android, Symbian, or Blackberry operating system. You can load the software onto any family member or employee’s phone, which will allow you to monitor all activities from your computer. SpyBubble allows you to do a wide range of monitoring activities, including all of the following:

Call Recording

This feature allows you to record any call that is made or received by the phone. Once the call is recorded, the recording is sent to your secure account so you can listen to everything that was said during the call.

Call Logging

Another feature of this app is call logging. This means that any call that is made from or to the device are logged. Additionally, this software records the number of calls made to each individual number, the amount of time each phone call took, and the exact time each call was made. This feature also matches numbers with those that are already in the phone’s memory, so you can also see the name that is attached to that particular number.

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Live Call Monitoring

If you purchase the Pro version, you will also be able to intercept and listen to live calls as they are being made.

Text Messaging Monitoring

This app also includes a feature rich text message monitoring program that allows you to keep track of all ingoing and outgoing text messages. The app allows you to read all of the text messages that are sent from and sent to the cell phone you are monitoring.  Each text message is automatically sent to your online account, allowing you to view them even if user has already erased them.

Non-Internet Monitoring

SpyBubble also allows you to monitor any cell phone that does not have internet. The Redirect Text Messages feature allows you to monitor phone related activities, even when there is no internet connection on the phone.

GPS Location and Travel Route Monitoring

Another awesome feature is that it also allows you to monitor the exact location of the device you have installed the program on. This feature allows you to get the exact location of the phone on any particular date and time, and receive a map of the location as well. You can also view the exact location of the phone at any time. It also allows you to monitor the cell while it is traveling from one location to another. This feature will allow you to view any stops during the trip, as well as the exact route that the user was traveling.

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Email Monitoring

SpyBubble users are also able to track any emails that are sent or received from the device that you have installed the software on.

Instant Message Monitoring

It also has features that allow you to monitor chats that are carried out over WhatsApp, BBM, and iMessage, which are chatting applications. This feature not only allows you to see the conversations, it also allows you to see the exact date and time that the chats occurred.

Camera Monitoring

This SpyBubble feature automatically uploads any photos that are taken with the camera.

Internet Activity Monitoring

The app also has features that allow you to see all of the websites that are visited on the phone.  It also lets you see all of the calendar activities and contacts that are saved to the phone.

Surrounding Monitoring

SpyBubble also allows you to monitor the surroundings of the phone simply by sending a text message. This feature will cause the phone to automatically start recording all of the background noise in which the phone is located, so you can monitor the phone’s surroundings in real time.

This app allows you to monitor all of these activities, or you can use remote commands to shut off the features you do not want.  This means you can choose to monitor only the GPS location, without worrying about emails or photos.

Benefits That Will Sell This One

The app has many features that allow you to keep track of the activities of the phone you have loaded the software on.  This software is completely undetectable on the phone, allowing you to monitor the activities without the user ever knowing.  This means you can monitor the selected phones at any time, without the user being able to shut off any of the software features.

You have complete control over the monitored activities, and your account is the only one that is able to disable any of the features.Quantum code is a safe trading system that ensures that you have complete control over your trading account. Only you can decide how much you want to invest and the amount of risk you would like to take. After all it is your money and the system is just a facilitator for you to make more money through trading.


This app is completely safe, and does not have any security issues.  Your information is sent securely to your online account, so you know your information is completely safe and protected.

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One of the only downsides to SpyBubble is the fact that it does not work on any devices that are running on the Mac operating system.  Otherwise, this software works on any smartphone, iPad, or tablet that uses the Android, Blackberry, or Symbian operating system.


If you are ready to keep tabs on your children, spouse, or employees, this app will allow you to know exactly what the phone users are up to for your own peace of mind.