9 Mind Blowing Sites To Find Tumblr Themes

Tumblr is one of the most popular and easy to use blogging sites on the internet.

Recently acquired by Yahoo! in a deal worth more than US$1 billion, the site is dedicated to both microblogging and social networking.

As it combines a blog and social networking page – which are both considered a user’s personal space on the web –many people seek to personalise their blog with their own choice of theme.

There are a number of portals offering free themes, which can help you customise your page to better suit your own personal tastes. Among the best websites for obtaining free layouts are:

1. Tumblr.com

Never forget that Tumblr offers free themes itself without the need to go to third party websites.

There is this website that provides all the information about the Orion Code. This system is entirely web based and you do not have to download any software. You can access it on any device and trade using the advanced technology. It runs smoothly and has a great support system that can be easily contacted any time of the day.

It is true that their selection is limited. This is why many people do choose to go elsewhere when looking for a theme to personalise their page. But this doesn’t mean that it should be ignored completely. Check whether they have something to suit you before you look elsewhere.

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2. WeDesignPixel.com

WeDesignPixel.com have collected and compiled some of the best themes and templates available for a range of sites. These include Tumblr along with other major names such as WordPress and Joomla. The Tumblr themes they showcase have a premium look that is often hard to find from free templates.

3. DollieCrave.com

DollieCrave is a great destination for those with more feminine tastes. It offers a wide selection of fantastic and well-designed girly templates, including a number of vintage- and Victorian-inspired styles. The site also offers Twitter backgrounds.

4. SleeplessThemes.com

This one offers a range of layouts for Tumblr along with other major blogging and social networking services. The artworks on offer are professional-looking and cater to a range of different tastes and interests.

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5. ThemeCloud.co

Theme Cloud offers an excellent and very large selection of premium designs. Unlike most other resources on this list, their designs are usually not free. However, they are very affordable and far cheaper than similar premium themes at the same quality level from other providers.

6. Ijaar.com

Ijaar collects information on a range of technology related subjects such as internet resources and mobile apps. This includes a selection of the best layouts. Search their site, and you will find a number of Tumblr layouts, which have been hand-picked and collected as some of the best and most highly-recommended.

7. eWebDesign.com

eWebDesign.com is a comprehensive source of information relating to website design and online activity. This includes template recommendations, chosen to look professional but be easy to use.

8. 2kTemplates.com

From 2kTemplates, you can find a very large number of free templates provided or recommended. These are selected and compiled into “best of” lists, showing some of the most effective and professional free designs available.

9. TheUltraLinx.com

TheUltraLinx.com provides a lot of information and resources relating to various online topics. This includes a range of themes for Tumblr and other major websites. Artowrks on offer are well-designed and modern with a clean, professional look.