8 Fabulous Sites To Download Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter is now one of the most popular social networking sites around.

It allows users to share 140 character “tweets” with the world, as well as the chance to follow friends, family and celebrities and see what they have to say about life.

A lot of people want to customise their profile and make it their own, but default customisation options are limited.

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For this reason, many people are turning to third party sites to find new backgrounds that better reflect their tastes.

These 8 Sites Offer Great Layouts

1. TwitBacks.com

Twitbacks is an extremely useful and awesome site. It offers a range of excellent layouts. On top of that, it also offers a tool to help you create your own, custom twitter background using either existing assets or your own images. Either way, the result will be a fantastic Twitter profile tailored to your personality.

2. WishaFriend.com

WishaFriend.com offers a range of free wallpapers and themes. These can also be customised on the site with your own personal touches, such as your choice of profile image. This allows you to create a complete, professional-looking profile quickly and easily.

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3. TwitrCovers.com

TwitrCovers has one of the best ranges of great-looking layouts completely free. All look professional and modern, and the wide selection will have something for every taste. They have a number of customisable features, allowing you to tweak your chosen theme to your liking.

4. TwitterBackgroundsGallery.com

This one has an absolutely vast selection of layouts available, completely free. They fit into nearly every style and category you can imagine, and can be custom tweaked with your own uploaded files. With the massive selection available, this is one of the best background destinations on the web.

5. TwitRounds.com

With a wide range of free artworkds in a number of different styles, Twitrounds is a great destination for awesome backgrounds. The site is also easy to navigate, with all designs being sorted into simple and logical categories. TwitRounds has layouts based on a range of themes to suit a wide variety of people.

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6. TwitterBackgrounds.org

This is one of the biggest and best places to get backgrounds for your Twitter account. Their well-designed, great-looking backgrounds number in the thousands, and fit into dozens of different categories to suit a range of different tastes.

7. DollieCrave.com

DollieCrave only has a relatively small selection of wallpapers. However, these are some of the best available and all are at no price at all. It may not have the largest selection, but the quality on offer makes it thoroughly worth a look when choosing a new one.

8. Themeleon

Themeleon is a useful tool for creating your own, custome profile with ease. You can use a range of existing free background images, all attractive and professional-looking, or upload an image from your computer. You can then customise the layout and colour scheme of your profile to fit your chosen image and create your perfect look.