8 Fabulous Sites to Download Twitter Backgrounds

8 Fabulous Sites To Download Twitter BackgroundsTwitter is now one of the most popular social networking sites around.

It allows users to share 140 character “tweets” with the world, as well as the chance to follow friends, family and celebrities and see what they have to say about life.

A lot of people want to customise their profile and make it their own, but default customisation options are limited.

For this reason, many people are turning to third party sites to find new backgrounds that better reflect their tastes.

These 8 Sites Offer Great Layouts

1. TwitBacks.com

Twitbacks is an extremely useful and awesome site. It offers a range of excellent layouts. On top of that, it also offers a tool to help you create your own, custom twitter background using either existing assets or your own images. Either way, the result will be a fantastic Twitter profile tailored to your personality.

2. WishaFriend.com

WishaFriend.com offers a range of free wallpapers and themes. These can also be customised on the site with your own personal touches, such as your choice of profile image. This allows you to create a complete, professional-looking profile quickly and easily.

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3. TwitrCovers.com

TwitrCovers has one of the best ranges of great-looking layouts completely free. All look professional and modern, and the wide selection will have something for every taste. They have a number of customisable features, allowing you to tweak your chosen theme to your liking.

4. TwitterBackgroundsGallery.com

This one has an absolutely vast selection of layouts available, completely free. They fit into nearly every style and category you can imagine, and can be custom tweaked with your own uploaded files. With the massive selection available, this is one of the best background destinations on the web.

5. TwitRounds.com

With a wide range of free artworkds in a number of different styles, Twitrounds is a great destination for awesome backgrounds. The site is also easy to navigate, with all designs being sorted into simple and logical categories. TwitRounds has layouts based on a range of themes to suit a wide variety of people.

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6. TwitterBackgrounds.org

This is one of the biggest and best places to get backgrounds for your Twitter account. Their well-designed, great-looking backgrounds number in the thousands, and fit into dozens of different categories to suit a range of different tastes.

7. DollieCrave.com

DollieCrave only has a relatively small selection of wallpapers. However, these are some of the best available and all are at no price at all. It may not have the largest selection, but the quality on offer makes it thoroughly worth a look when choosing a new one.

8. Themeleon

Themeleon is a useful tool for creating your own, custome profile with ease. You can use a range of existing free background images, all attractive and professional-looking, or upload an image from your computer. You can then customise the layout and colour scheme of your profile to fit your chosen image and create your perfect look.

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  • Charlie

    I am always looking for some great backgrounds for a lot of sites. Its really nice to see that you have posted some in here that are in an all in one place to find what you might need.Sometimes some of the generic types are too plain and it’s nice to have a choice

  • Shirlie

    Twitback offers lots of great images for backgrounds and are great for business or personal use. They have professional backgrounds that are simple enough to keep the eye on what is advertised but elegant enough to keep it professional instead of generic. I haven’t had any issues with them and the backgrounds upload quickly and are easy.

    • Danni Cali

      I was just about to go use Twitbacks to create my background because they had some options for professional use. But when I went to signup they said they’re not accepting any more members. Bummer. :-( They did recommend Themeleon instead. I LOVED it! The colors and styles are great. Very modern and hip.

  • Kim

    I like that wishafriend has a great selection of free backgrounds. I am always changing up the look of my twitter profile to keep it interesting and am never really satisfied with one for very long and I don’t seem to reuse them so free options are great for my personality and twitter page.

  • Andrew

    Twitrcovers is one of my favorite sites, they not only have a great selection of great backgrounds but they also have ones that are unique and exciting. The best part is they are free to use. Some of my favorite are some that have some great computer graphics done to them. They really take the time and put hard work and energy into their backgrounds

  • Sandra

    Being able to customize a profile beyond the generic setup of twitter makes these sites wonderful. It would get pretty boring to find that every one looked the same everywhere. I like that you can make your profile look different and put a little of your own personality into the pages.

  • Peter Hannity

    Just a quick heads up, GraphicRiver.net has some pretty awesome Twitter backgrounds. Because they cost $2-$3 each, I think they’re a great choice if you have an online business and you want something a little more unique or professional looking. You’ll find fewer people with these backgrounds than the freebies.

    Although if you don’t have an online business, the sites listed here are perfectly fine. I’ve always found a large selection at TwitterBackgroundsGallery.com. Great stuff here, Josh!

  • Kareena

    I really like Dollie Crave. It’s totally a girlie girl type of site. But then again, with a name like Dollie Crave, I should’ve expected that! It’s great because they also have a bunch of free Tumblr themes and backgrounds that also have the girlie girl look. This way you can get both your Twitter background and Tumblr theme/background in one place.

    Now I just have to figure out how to properly upload everything without pulling my hair out, lol! I’ll try looking for a tutorial on on these sites.

  • devon

    TwitrCovers is at the top of my list. As a freebie service, I’m pleasantly surprised at how professional these Twitter backgrounds look. In fact, I’ve seen the background with the colored pencils just the other day on someone else’s Twitter page. I thought it looked nice. Now I’m surprised to see that it was from TwitrCovers. Just goes to show you that you don’t need a lot of money to get started online. Thanks for all your work dude!

  • Georgette Costanza

    I was in a seminar the other day and the speaker suggested that we get our Twitter backgrounds custom made. I was going to hire someone to do one for me, but it was going to cost $15-$20. I suppose if you want something that goes with your existing logo or the color scheme on your website, this is probably a worthwhile investment.

    But now that I’m looking at all of these great looking freebie options, I don’t think I’m advanced enough yet to warrant a custom Twitter background. These freebie backgrounds look perfectly fine. I’m sure I can make it work with one of these until I have enough money to do everything that I want.

    In other words, I’m so glad I found this site before I spent money that I really didn’t have to spend.

  • Starbird Kate

    This is kind of embarrassing to admit but… I’m still using the default Twitter background and icon. Horrible, right? It looks so ugly and boring. It’s no wonder I have very few followers.

    I’m going to take a look at these sites and see if I can’t find something to spice up my Twitter!

  • Anise Blake

    Oooh! I am loving how interactive Themelon is. What a cool site!

    I love how you can see the changes in real time and adjust and play with them however you please. I was expecting something a lot more technical but this site is so easy to use and so creative!

  • Linda

    I designed my own Twitter background recently but I wish I’d have know before how many sites specialize in providing them! It was such a pain trying to get it to look just right. I wanted to give up and just leave it blank but I finally did get it working.

    Next time I want to change it I’m just going with a premade design!

  • David Abar

    I need something clean and professional for my Twitter page. Most of these sites seem to be catering to a younger crowd but Themelon looks promising. I think I can design a very respectable looking page using this site.

    Thanks for the help! Sure beats having to pay someone to do this for me.

  • Erik SK

    I just managed to find a really nice Tumblr theme on a site you posted about in another article. I’m now looking for a Twitter background that will offer a close match! Hopefully I can find something that compliments my Tumblr. I’d like them to coordinate if possible since I’ll be doing a lot of cross posting.

  • Jessica K. Parker

    How can people be so creative and talented? I can’t even draw a straight line and here are whole communities full of graphic designs willing to let their work be used by anyone who wants it. Very generous of them, especially considering how many people are willing to pay for unique backgrounds.

    • Tim Weaman

      I know, it’s so interesting to find these sites with all these extremely artistic backgrounds and styles. I wish I was capable of making art like this, but alas I am not good with art and I have to use others awesome work as my twitter background. I don’t mind though, I feel like I’m helping an artist get out there a bit. :)

  • Lana Ward

    http://twitrounds.com/ is a really well laid out site. I like how easy it is to navigate and I love how they offer seasonal and holiday backgrounds.

    I like to change my Twitter background to match the season. A lot of my followers have complimented me for doing so. They say it’s very unique!

  • Twitta

    I actually like using wallpaper or my own made backgrounds, but these sites do offer a lot of good backgrounds worth checking out. I haven’t really used a background from anywhere else, unless it’s something I made, but I don’t think it matters that much since I don’t use my twitter as much anymore. I will certainly keep this list in mind when I jump back into it. Thanks!

  • Julius

    Thanks guys, you guys rock! I have been looking for good twitter background forever now. I was stuck to looking for crappy wallpaper online and I don’t even think you’re allowed to use any wall-paper you want for your twitter background. Which is weird, because you’re probably not making any money from it. Oh well, I’ll check all of these sites out and see if anything is good enough for me.

  • WestonSenior

    TwitBacks is my favorite on the list, and for good reason. I think it has overall better quality backgrounds for twitter than the rest listed. Don’t get me wrong though, all of these sites are very helpful and I have used some backgrounds from each site, at least one from each to be honest. I change my background often.

  • Victor19Face

    Nice list you have here. I have been on the lookout for good twitter backgrounds as I’m jumping into the SEO world and will be trying to look more professional and hopefully one of these sites will give me some good quality, yet minimal backgrounds to work with.

  • Grant

    Themeleon is my favorite on the list. It’s just more artistic in my opinion. I haven’t really gotten much out of the others, though they have produced some really good quality backgrounds and themes. I haven’t really bothered with most other sites though.

  • DennisJrul88

    All have been very useful to me. I especially like DollieCrave, it’s been the one I frequent the most looking for new styles for my twitter. I’m trying to market myself as an artist/comedian and I’ve found really good layouts through it.

    Keep up the awesome work guys. :)