6 NinjaProxy Alternatives for Anonymous Web Surfing

6 NinjaProxy Alternatives For Anonymous Web SurfingNinjaproxy is a popular web-based service. It allows you to browse the web anonymously and with extra security.

This is good for making sure you don’t give your identity away to a site you aren’t sure whether to trust.

It also helps you avoid web filters, both the local kind in workplaces and schools and the kind designed to prevent people from certain regions accessing a site.

However, in essence a proxy works by accessing content for you then passing it on securely. Sometimes, this can cause things to be slowed down and create problems when viewing media such as Youtube video.

That List Of Awesome Alternative Options For Ya

Here are five secure yet fast alternatives to Ninjaproxy that won’t leave you with speed problems:

1. Vtunnel.com

Like Ninjaproxy, Vtunnel is one of the most popular sites. It offers a wide range of features to keep your identity safe while browsing the internet.

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It promotes itself mostly as a way to bypass filtering, but of course it offers all the other advantages of a proxy in protecting your safety as well. It is fast, secure, and trustworthy.

Website: https://www.vtunnel.com/

2. MouseMatrix.com

MouseMatrix is an excellent, easy-to-use web-based proxy. It is straightforward and does not offer many added features, but all the necessary advantages are there.

It is very secure, and fast enough to handle media without noticeably slowing you down. All-in-all, it is a simple but highly effective service.

Website: https://www.mousematrix.com/

3. Anonymouse.org

Anonymouse have been going since 1997, making them one of the oldest sites still active on the web. Over more than 15 years, they have built a strong reputation and are one of the most trusted and reliable providers of secure, anonymous browsing.

They also have plenty of added features. These include anonymous emails, and the chance to install a toolbar with some browsers for easy access.

Website: http://anonymouse.org/

4. XRoxy.com

XRoxy is one of the most versatile proxy browsing options. They have an extensive selection of mostly free servers, located around the world. This is great when accessing content restricted in your location. The list is regularly updated, and can be filtered to find out which ones have the features you want most.

You have to register to use XRoxy, but registration is fee. There is also a paid membership option, however, which gives you access to extra features.

Website: http://xroxy.com/

5. HideMyAss.com

HideMyAss is one of the most complete sets of secure browsing tools on the web. As well as browsing that is fast and secure, it offers hosting for files and images.

You can also receive emails on a safe, disposable account, giving you added safety when you need to provide an email address to a website you aren’t completely sure about trusting. It also puts a range of proxy servers at your disposal, with the ability to select a location of your choice.

Website: http://hidemyass.com/

6. NinjaCloak.com

Website: http://www.ninjacloak.com/

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  • http://draumstafur.deviantart.com/ nodeer

    You have no idea how much I needed these!

    Unfortunately, my ISP provider blocked 4chan and I’ve not been able to post anything in there for ages. It really upset me, as I always liked their art/critique board, those guys are merciless.

    I’ve never gotten the hang of proxys, but heck, with a 6-point list there must be at least one I’ll be able to use easily!

    • Marietta

      There is a little bit of a learning curve when using proxies. It put me off to it at first, but security is important to me so I stuck with it. It’s simple as pie for me now.

      • http://draumstafur.deviantart.com/ nodeer

        I’ll have to try a bit more then xD

  • Jillian

    HMA website seems to be a pretty good one and put together well, and their vpn service is top notch. No popups either or anything to be concerned about there. They serve customers all around the globe and have servers is more than 20 countries. They have been in VPN service for a long time, but are best known for their anonymous proxy and free proxy lists.

  • Carol

    These are Excellent site. you dont have to worry about any problems, no threats. no malware, no lasting cookies or files inserted that cannot be cleared. Seems like anonymity is ensured.Some free services can take some time to use but if your looking to be anonymous then proxy servers are the best way to go. You can also bypass restrictions that some country related sites have.

    • Donald

      I think malware is still an issue. However, you can protect your system even better by using a proxy through a virtual machine.

  • Cindy

    I think the HMA VPN services could help protect children since it uses high-anonymous ips. It also helps protect the privacy if anyone using it because the original location of the user cannot be detected. The only disadvantage is that it does not have static ips, which would be nice for times when a social media manager needs to access the administration panel of a business that is hundreds of miles away without being flagged.

  • Joeseph

    Proxy’s are one of the best tools to use when doing internet marketing. You can use them to post anonymously and that makes it a great tool. Also your competitors can find out when you are checking up on them so using a different proxy can eliminate that. You will just look like a regular joe surfing around. You can also utilize different aspects of Google adwords and much more. Proxy’s are absolutely a great thing.

  • Matthew

    I have had some trouble with YouTube for some reason and had to resort to using a proxy to cover up my original ip address. For some reason they banned me for uploading articles I wrote and read aloud in a video, then I couldn’t even look at YouTube videos for awhile. I later realized I just had to wait for awhile to be able to see videos, but I still cant access my YouTube account unless I use a proxy. So proxy’s are a great tool for whatever you may need them for.

    • Vance

      That’s weird that hey would block you for that. Sure there isn’t more to the story? I would think that such a big site wouldn’t really be able to keep up with blocking people for little offenses, but maybe I’m wrong.

  • Pepper Locke

    Awesome! My school blocked some of my favorite proxies so I’ve been searching for good alternatives. It’s such a pain trying to kill time between classes when I can’t access anything interesting on the internet, you know? And it’s always way too loud in the common areas to get any work done. I don’t know what they expect us to do.

    Hopefully these will help.

  • David Abar

    I follow a lot of websites that report news on foreign gaming. A lot of these sites are region locked so I need to use a proxy if I want to view them. It’s a huge pain when my proxies inevitably get blocked. Thanks for this list, these will make useful backups!

  • Leo

    My local library needs to chill and stop blocking everything. They have so many sites blocked that you can’t even use the internet properly. It’s ridiculous. It’s gone past the point of security and into real censorship. I can’t even access legitimate sites there anymore. Thankfully they’re slow to block proxies!

  • Meg

    My work has been blocking all the major social networking sites. I really hate it! I can’t even access them during my lunch break! I’ve been looking for a good proxy but they’ve blocked most of them too… I’ll try the ones from this list. Hopefully something can get through.

  • Starbird Kate

    Every savvy internet user should have an arsenal of proxies! I’m always looking to update my list so that I can stay on top of any blocks. It’s funny how they think they can keep us out! I figure as long as I’m not hurting anyone and not doing anything illegal I should be able to look at what I want.

    • Greg

      I like your style :) I’ve noticed that a few sites I frequent now block proxy site traffic, and it’s really annoying. I use Tor so I can just go back and get a new identity if one is blocked for some reason, and that usually works, but it’s a pain sometimes.

  • Katie

    My son was looking for an alternative and I just sent this list to him. Wonderful list, thanks :-)

  • rva524

    Now here I have been, paying $9/month or so for Private Internet Access. They have both a proxy and a VPN, and the reason I have it is to get around Comcast’s various obstacles to The Pirate Bay. I know this won’t help for the Utorrent stuff, so I still probably need PIA but this is still a really useful list of proxies so as to mask the fact that I am going to TPB in the first place. Thank you for another really great article!

  • Dale

    I’ve used HideMyAss before, but I have not used the paid version, which I hear is very good. I have not used any of the other services but I am thinking about checking them out. Are they free versions of each? If so I’d like to play around with each one if I can.

  • Jacob P.

    I’m in need of a proxy program myself. Some of my friends say hidemyass is good and other say it’s not that great. I also hear that anonymouse.org is a good one, so I might check that out. I used a proxy program in the past, can’t remember what it was, but it worked from what I can remember.

  • SusanG76

    I’ve used proxies in the past while at work. They like to block sites and with a proxy it seems to take that out of the equation. I like using it when trying to view sites that I cannot, works wonders at lying about where you’re from. I didn’t know about some of these proxy sites, so I’ll have to check into them very soon and see how they are. :)

  • Hank J.

    I use proxies everywhere these days. I work online and I favor them for many reasons. I’ve used Hide My Ass in the past and still use it today, one of my favorites and I’ve used a couple of the others on the list, all are worth checking out in my opinion.

  • BradMAarons

    I heard of mousmatrix and ninja cloak, I have used it a lot in the past and use it often today. Is there other proxy sites like these? Or are the other ones not listed not worthy of mention?

  • Zigg

    I know that there are good proxy sites out there, but I do wonder how safe they are. One of my friends is a private eye, and she says that she’s managed to trace some people who thought they were being hidden by proxy sites.