3 Easy Steps to Download and Install WhatsApp for PC

Whats AppWhatsapp is an extremely popular messaging app, available on Android, Windows Phone, iPhone and Blackberry handsets.

The app has more than 300 million active users around the world, sending up to 27 billion messages per day. It is a fully-featured alternative to SMS messaging, and allows messages to be sent worldwide for free.

This has led many people to look for a way to use it on their home PCs. No native PC version has been released, but the Android version can be installed on a home computer with a few simple steps.

Step One: Install an Emulator

In order to use an Android App on a home computer, you need to install an emulator. In essence, an emulator is a program that runs the app as if it was on an Android phone, and converts it into a form your computer can understand.

There are a range of emulators available online, both free and paid-for, but one of the best is Bluestacks. Bluestacks is completely free, yet offers a great range of features. It can be downloaded from http://bluestacks.com/  and then installed like any other program by double clicking the downloaded file.

Step Two: Install WhatsApp

Once you have installed your emulator, installation should be very easy. Start by launching your emulator. Bluestacks, and most other emulators, will have a search function for finding programs. Simply type “Whatsapp” into the search bar, and Bluestack should find it easily. Click the download button, and it should be installed automatically and added to your list of apps.

Step Three: Sign Up

Unless you already have an account from using the software on your phone, you will have to create one. When you first launch it from Bluestack’s main menu, you should be presented with a sign up form. Simply enter your personal details to proceed. You need to make sure you give your real phone number as this is an important part of the sign up process. You can give either your mobile number or home landline, but make sure you have access to the phone at the time.

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The app will send you a three digit verification code by text, and you will be presented with a button marked “call me.” When you click the button, you will receive an automated phone call which will give you the same verification code. Enter this code, choose a username, and you are ready to start sending free messages around the world.

Here Are Quite Good Video Instructions For Ya

Once you have got started with this app, you will find it offers all the features of SMS messaging. You can do anything you can with standard messages, sending plain text or multimedia messages for free to anywhere in the world. Whatsapp is completely free for the first year and only US$0.99 for each year afterwards, making it extremely cheap compared to sending standard SMS messages over your network.

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  • Lucy Holmes

    Just what i have been looking for, Cant comment if it works on windows but it works on my Mac,

    I have been wanting this software on my mac for ages and now i can whatsapp my friends straight from my mac without having to pick up my phone and stop what i’m doing (is that lazy?)

    However i didn’t realise whatsapp was going to start charging :( is it time to switch? KIK maybe?

    • Gina

      Lol, that’s just a little lazy. But it’s ok :) Does anyone have any accounts of it working on Windows? I’m lazy too…

  • Carly

    Nice. I am in love with Whatsapp and I’ve been using it on my phone for a while now. I wonder if it’s possible to put it on a google TV or some other kind of TV with app capabilities, that’d be pretty radical man.

  • Morgan H.

    Oh that’s pretty cool. I didn’t even know there was emulators for phones and other such devices. I’m going to try this later though, I wouldn’t mind being able to do my school work and actually message friends on it at the same time. Can’t wait to play around with this when I get home.

  • Brent89

    Whatsapp is such a good app. I personally have no reason to really use it on a computer, but I’m going to do it anyways just in case my phone dies and all I have is my laptop. Does this work on linux as well? If not I’m probably out of luck.

    • Maurice

      I’m pretty sure that if it’s an Android app, it would be pretty easy to translate over to linux? Not quite sure though, I’d have to look at it.

  • G-unit91

    Whatsapp is one of my favorite apps out there today. I had some other app on my phone that did the same, can’t remember what it was called, but it has since been deleted from shops. I saw whatsapp sitting on the marketplace and picked it up. I never knew you could put it on a emulator and use it on a PC, should try that soon. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Angelina

    Just tried it out for myself and it worked perfectly. I don’t have a phone at the moment, so this is the only way for me to use this app, and I’m glad I found this article on how to install an emulator to use it. You guys rock! Keep up the awesome work Tectivoo. :)

    • Axail

      I never thought of putting it on my pc until recently, when I dropped my phone while hiking and the LCD broke to the point where I couldn’t text at all! So frustrating, I’d hear messages come in but wasn’t able to see them. If I put it on my PC, I’d be able to access my messages without my phone.

  • http://draumstafur.deviantart.com/ nodeer

    I’ll have to share this to my friends, they’re almost addicted to this thing. I installed it on my android recently, and if I get the whatsapp fever as my friends did, I’ll do what you said here :P

  • Linda

    My friends have all been pushing for me to install WhatsApp on my phone. I admit, it looks like a great application but I work at my computer and primarily use it for messaging. My phone is kind of secondary.

    I’ll see about getting an emulator for this. It would be more useful to me on my computer.

  • Allen Rogers

    This seems like a very affordable option for those big in to SMS texting. I’ll have to see if any of my friends are using this app because it may be worth switching some of my texting over if they are.

    Loving the easy sign up and installation as well.

  • Leo

    I use Whatsapp to send videos and pictures to my friends. It’s really streamlined and easy to use in comparison to other apps. I never considered using an emulator to get in onto my PC. Interesting… I may do this! It would make chatting with my friends a bit easier if I don’t always have to reach for my phone.

    • Jameson

      How easily does it send videos? I’ve run into problems trying to send videos with my phone carrier, and it would be nice to have an alternative (and free!) method.

  • Meg

    I really like WhatsApp but I haven’t been able to talk any of my friends into using it. They argue that regular texting is fine but they don’t get how many more features the app has. I keep trying to convince them but I haven’t had any luck. I think I must have very stubborn friends.

  • Starbird Kate

    This looks like a great program! I’m not sure if I would download an emulator just to run it but I’d definitely be interested in having it on my computer. I may consider it… I just don’t know a whole lot about emulators.

    Do you know if there’s any plan to release WhatsApp specifically for the PC?

  • Jessica

    I use Whatsapp and it is a really good app.

  • Kerri

    I haven’t heard of this app, but I’m getting ready to install it and use it. Thanks :-)

  • romin vincent alavi

    Man this is super useful. I have wondered how to do this (i.e. using it on my pc) for a long time and even asked at Best Buy to see if there was any boxed software to do this. I find it is better than AIM and now that I see 27 billion !!! texts are being sent a day on it, I am even more sure it is the best out there. Great step by step guide. Thanks for the bit about the emulator, that is hard to find instruction for.

  • Noodle

    I haven’t really run into much use for this app, but when I do I’ll definitely come back here for the tutorial. It’s certainly useful information, thanks for the post.