What Is The Size Of Twitter Header In Pixels?

Don’t have a Twitter profile yet? Apparently, you’re missing out on a lot. Consider this: the other day when I was considering opening my trading account on software called the Fintech Ltd, I only posted my intention with a funny hash tag and you wouldn’t believe how many believe replied to me on the same micro blogging site. A majority of them advised me not to hasten but use the demo account that they have before I jumped into it with real money. Sure enough, that is what I did and I must say that I don’t regret it. In fact I would have regretted if I had not heeded to the twitterati! These days everyone pays attention to their Twitter feeds just as they would to Facebook. What’s not to love about it really?

As one of the social media treats, there’s always a reason to be on it. It’s power is in using it for sharing small thought. And, with 500 million tweets a day, there’s no denying that people indeed have a lot to say.

Twitter has become one of the most prolific sites online. If you have something say or show, write it at 140 characters or less and the rest of the world would know. It’s a platform for your inconsequential thoughts to have a place in the sun. You’re basically micro-blogging – a short burst so that your followers may know or see what you’re up to.

1. Your Header

A twitter header is a long horizontal picture uploaded to the site to resemble the cover photo concept of Google and Facebook.  Recommended dimensions for header photos are 1500×500 pixels in  JPG, GIF, or PNG formats.

Profile Image: 400×400 pixels.

sallyu.com twitter header dimensions

Image Source: Sallyu.com

How To Set Up Twitter Header In Few Steps

  • Click on the Settings (gear) button and then go to Design.
  • Select from a library of photos on your device and then fork in one which you wish to post.
  • From a mobile app, go to “Me” tab, click on Settings (gear) and then click on the Edit Profile.
  • Select Header.
  • Realign the image as you wish.

Tips For The Best One Ever

Optimizing your social media pictures is beneficial. Here are some important tips to come up with the best header image:

  • Start with a good quality photograph – Think of a rectangle. The header is a horizontal image so it’s best to look for one with a landscape-type perspective. Choose anything above 640 pixels.
  • Edit ahead – Beginning at 500 pixels, it’s better to optimize the photo ahead. Otherwise, it would be done for you at a much smaller quality.
  • Background images are preferred – A header is like posting a background snapshot. It’s inescapable that landscapes are often used. If you can’t come up with a decent background, simply find any background from online and you’re done.

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2. Your Profile

The avatar is a picture which must show a face or any image you want. The size is 128 x 128 pixels square. Showing a face as avatar garners you more followers than those who don’t show a lot.

How To Set Up The Profile Picture

Your profile says a lot about you more than you know. If you placed a random picture without significance, no one would care much about it. But if you’re creative, you can use it as an expression of who you are and what you’re really about. But more than the image you use, it has information displayed like your email address, your job, your name and your contact details.

Your profile is more than just an image anyone can see. It has to be a creative expression of what represents the person you want people to know. This is the brand by which you must be identified. For this, you have to be very specific about what you show and the bio you intend to put out there.

In a world where any information can be found online, your bio has to be as detailed as you possibly can without giving away too much.

Here’s how you set up your profile and its picture:

  • To upload: Go to Settings and select Profile.
  • Start filling in the information required.
  • Upload a maximum of 400 x 400 pixels. Make sure it’s a square. This is the maximum size it can be viewed at, but it appears at different sizes depending on the device used to view it.

Dimensions Of All Pictures Used On Twitter

The maximum size of the snapshot you can upload can’t exceed 1252×626 pixels. To the layman, that’s a maximum file of 5MB. Anything smaller than 640 pixels would appear to have very poor quality once uploaded.

It’s important to note that the image is a horizontal photo. Any vertical photograph wouldn’t look good even if you realign and adjust. You can also add a text as the new bio. However, it’s displayed in a light-colored font and would sometimes look hazy on a light-themed background photo. With this, you will need a few other choices to test for your profiles.

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Twitter has room for a lot of your pictures. This means you can show something instead of just talking about it. The average size per photograph upload is 73 x 73 pixels. Resizing it would need an app.

Posting a snapshot to your tweet is easy:

    • You have to get a third-party tool or service to do it
    • Twitpic and TwitrPix are popular apps you can use
    • Simply open it using the app and then hit the ‘Upload’ button
    • Your tweet will appear to have a link which readers can view separately

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Twitter is a fun platform where it’s been recently optimized to fit your needs quite well. The new look has been designed to keep things interesting and very easy to navigate. Because of this, you’re now better able to strengthen a brand or make your avatars stand larger than life itself.

5 Best Free Infographic Makers Out There

Nothing speaks to an audience more than a well-made infographic. In a visually-motivated world, infographics are a good source of interesting information. It can contain anything from directions to advertisements. What you see and read on it has a purpose.

piktochart what are infographics

But to create one takes a lot of elements and expertise. If not, it wouldn’t do the job of showcasing visually impeccable illustrations as well as pertinent data. They’re made for the entertainment factor so the visual artist behind it must be equally brilliant.

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The graphics industry provides a whole roster of talented individuals who are good at branding and merchandising as well. They understand one thing better than anyone – the money is in the details.

Top List of Free Infographic Makers

If you’re in the market for one, you’ve come to the right place for help. We believe there are those who create and there are those who stand out. We’ve come up the finest artists in the business. And the best thing about them is they’re free.

Here’s a list of our two cents worth of top infographic makers online:

1. Visual.ly 

The Company’s platform is to connect designers with clients and produce collaborations the world hasn’t seen before. Their promise is to do everything in unprecedented scale and speed. If the work doesn’t rise above the expected level of greatness, it doesn’t get released. Their work is all cloud-based so the client can see their work and its progress. All their clients have been impressedand often rely on their expertise to get their sites the kind of recognition they deserve.

The market hasmany different types of programs that appear to be legitimate. These promise high productivity, massiveprofits and more than 90% success rates. But we have seen that many of these schemes are cams out to make money by fooling vulnerable and innocent investors.Cyber Mentors can make you distinguish between the real trustworthy programs and the scam ones. It is better to understand about the various systems available online and make an informed decision.

2. Piktochart

When access is made easy and the work shows it has been well-researched, any client would be glad to jump on board. Their pool of talent is clearly a reflection of their love for their craft. They also don’t show any signs of stopping because clients swear to their dependability. There’s no one more capable of delivering impressive work than they do.

3. Easel.ly

Making graphics fun and interesting isn’t easy but this company has been doing that for 3 years. Despite being new to the game, they’ve managed to land clients from across industries and most of them have very special design needs. And because they always deliver, clients aren’t jumping ship anytime soon.

4. Infogr.am

Their website offers an interesting insight on those who have very specific design needs. For one thing, data or information can be illustrated. Nothing’s too difficult or too easy. If online content were made to be illustrated, their jobs would be done in a minute. But, there’s always some level of difficulty where designs are concerned. And that’s where their expertise lie – overcoming obstacles so the client doesn’t have to.

5. Venngage

By publishing samples of past work, they’re making life for all possible clients easy. Drafting a design starts by picking out engaging and interactive elements. Then it’s all a matter of filling out a blank canvass with what you want – a simple drag and drop motion is all it takes.

When it comes to visual-based content like videos, pictures, illustrated content or infographics, how the designs move you is what matters most. These top companies more than just provide art; they’d also get your website where it needs to be – customer’s first and only choice for branding. Nothing’s more important than that.

Why Should You Create An Infographic?

When you look at a poster, what elements do you see? It’s rare for an ordinary person without the knack for design to think of a poster as a proportionally sizedwork of art. That’s because the eye only appreciates the basic things like colors, message and relevance. Only those who understand what  is an online infographic can make sense of why an illustrator would chose to put elements together in that way.

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  • Think of what they do as a child creating a poster: There’s a single message that needs a medium to express it.
  • There’s only one point to making infographics: The more graphic the medium, the better your chances of getting it read.
  • If you have a business online, making a visual content would be your best bet on getting your website from getting enough attention.
  • Instead of writing long articles, it’s much easier for an audience to appreciate data if you place it onto a creative “poster”. That’s basically what they are – online posters.
  • Any website can benefit from making creative strides to boost traffic and then use that traffic to generate sales. That means you can increase your credibility and ratings. And, nothing is more important in the world of e-commerce and online retail than credibility.

Is Creating The Awesome Infographic Difficult?

When the world stops appreciating branding that would be the time when visually stimulating messages and graphics are rendered useless. But that won’t be happening anytime soon. Aesthetics with a purpose is better at communicating to people than any medium.

Not too many are aficionados of the online visual concept. Their only concern would be showing short information that’s easy to decipher in the least amount of time. But there’s actually a way to go around that – by making audiences read.

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The rule is, if the visual content they see is interesting enough, they’d spare some time to read through it. All that is made possible by a great illustrator. The job of bringing life to the written word through a creative illustration belongs to the designer working hard at his craft.

The work of making sure the message translates through the art starts with a creative genius behind a computer. Creating online graphics used by websites to support a piece of content is actually challenging. Sometimes, it can get difficult because designs have to stand out from all the rest.

Artists have to assume that every piece of art has already been done and audiences might have seen them all. There are many elements that they need to consider in order to come up with their best work every time. In the industry, only a few people are considered the best.

5 Wicked Instagram Infographics That Will Make You Say OOH!

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