11 Awesome Sites To Find The Best Tumblr Quotes And Sayings

Tumblr is an immensely popular microblogging and social networking site. When the site was recently sold to Yahoo!, it fetched a price of more than a billion US dollars.

The site has also become known as a source of great quotes.

Many of these are funny (either intentionally or unintentionally) but some may also be moving or inspiring.

Many sites make an effort to collect these, and here are some of the best places to find them:

1. Tumblr.com

Often, the best ones can get extensively shared and reblogged. This means that you often don’t have to go far to find them. Just clicking through Tumblr browsing random people’s pages is a great way to uncover some gems.

2. BakedQuotes.com

This is a site dedicated to sharing great sayings. One of their main and most prominent sections is dedicated to popular artworks.

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3. LolsoTrue.com


LolsoTrue.com shares plenty of great and funny ones found on Tumblr. As the name of the site implies, these are sayings which make them laugh out loud, and say “so true.”

4. Twitter.com

This is a Twitter account rather than a website of its own, but it is still a truly fantastic source. The account is dedicated to finding and sharing great ideas from Tumblr. Each tweet links directly to a quote.

5. BestTumblrQuotes.com


This one is another fantastic place. As you can probably guess from the name, it is dedicated to finding the best quotes from pages online.

6. ICanRelateTo.com


ICanRelateTo.com shares the best and most relatable ideas out there. It deals with them in a number of categories such as funny, cute or inspirational.

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7. Reddit.com

Reddit is a hugely popular entertainment and social news website based on user-submitted content. People share things they think are worth reading, including plenty of quotes. Just enter your desired terms into the search bar for an endless supply of great ideas.

8. ZeroTips.com

ZeroTips is a diverse website with a range of different sections providing different types of content and information. This includes section which has plenty of great ideas from the internet.

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9. PicsandQuotes.com


This is a website that does very much what it says on the tin – it brings you pictures from around the internet. Their extensive collection includes plenty of content, as well as content from elsewhere in a similar vein.

10. Photobucket.com

Photobucket is a site for sharing photos and images. Like the Twitter profile above, this is an account on that website rather than a site in its own right. However, it is devoted to sharing picture quotes found on Tumblr, and is one of the best sources around for this type of content.

11. NakedQuotes

This one is itself a Tumblr profile. This particular profile is completely dedicated to sharing the best ones, especially picture sayings, that can be found on the rest of Tumblr or around the internet.