11 Awesome Sites to Find The Best Tumblr Quotes and Sayings

11 Awesome Sites To Find The Best Tumblr Quotes And SayingsTumblr is an immensely popular microblogging and social networking site. When the site was recently sold to Yahoo!, it fetched a price of more than a billion US dollars.

The site has also become known as a source of great quotes.

Many of these are funny (either intentionally or unintentionally) but some may also be moving or inspiring.

Many sites make an effort to collect these, and here are some of the best places to find them:

1. Tumblr.com

Often, the best ones can get extensively shared and reblogged. This means that you often don’t have to go far to find them. Just clicking through Tumblr browsing random people’s pages is a great way to uncover some gems.

2. BakedQuotes.com

This is a site dedicated to sharing great sayings. One of their main and most prominent sections is dedicated to popular artworks.

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3. LolsoTrue.com


LolsoTrue.com shares plenty of great and funny ones found on Tumblr. As the name of the site implies, these are sayings which make them laugh out loud, and say “so true.”

4. Twitter.com

This is a Twitter account rather than a website of its own, but it is still a truly fantastic source. The account is dedicated to finding and sharing great ideas from Tumblr. Each tweet links directly to a quote.

5. BestTumblrQuotes.com


This one is another fantastic place. As you can probably guess from the name, it is dedicated to finding the best quotes from pages online.

6. ICanRelateTo.com


ICanRelateTo.com shares the best and most relatable ideas out there. It deals with them in a number of categories such as funny, cute or inspirational.

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7. Reddit.com

Reddit is a hugely popular entertainment and social news website based on user-submitted content. People share things they think are worth reading, including plenty of quotes. Just enter your desired terms into the search bar for an endless supply of great ideas.

8. ZeroTips.com

ZeroTips is a diverse website with a range of different sections providing different types of content and information. This includes section which has plenty of great ideas from the internet.

9. PicsandQuotes.com


This is a website that does very much what it says on the tin – it brings you pictures from around the internet. Their extensive collection includes plenty of content, as well as content from elsewhere in a similar vein.

10. Photobucket.com

Photobucket is a site for sharing photos and images. Like the Twitter profile above, this is an account on that website rather than a site in its own right. However, it is devoted to sharing picture quotes found on Tumblr, and is one of the best sources around for this type of content.

11. NakedQuotes

This one is itself a Tumblr profile. This particular profile is completely dedicated to sharing the best ones, especially picture sayings, that can be found on the rest of Tumblr or around the internet.

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  • Albert

    I am always looking for something inspirational to post and these sites never fail me. I love searching around them and finding what I need. I will search around for and hour or so and get a bunch stocked up to post every day. All I gotta do is decide what mood I’m in and pick the right one. Really great people put these up for us to share.

  • Charles

    I am always entertained by looking at others post quotes. It really lets us understand what sort of mood a person is in or even what their personality might be like. Also you get to find some really great quotes to remember. Or maybe something clever to say when the need arives.

  • Dee

    I love picture sayings. Pictures themselves add an interpretation of their own but when you actually add a quote to the picture it makes it so much better. I expecially like the ones that make you laught out loud. It seems no matter what mook your in you can still have a good laugh out of a picture quote.

  • Alex

    I have seen the reddit site a few times but never really knew they had great quotes. After seeing this post I had to go over and check the site out some more and there is a lot more to the site than I thought. I thought there was just a bunch of stuff there that I wouldn’t be interested in. This post changed my mind.

  • Zack

    I love i can relate to site. It really does carry tons of quotes that I think anyone could relate to and gives you the perfect quote for whatever feelings you might be having for the day. I bet you can know what your feeling and within no time find a quote from them that you can totally relate to and are going to want to share it.

  • Dave

    Reddit by far is the best in my opinion. I happen to use it quite often and I’ve found some decent quotes from it. I haven’t checked out much of these, but I figure I got some time to kill so I’ll check them out.

  • Carly S.

    You forgot about imgur.com, which has become one of my destined places to find picture quotes and memes. I used to use reddit, well I still do, but I’ve been known to focus on imgur for hours on end just checking out the pictures. Always fun. :)

  • Gregson

    I am often on twitter, so that’s the service I often use when I want to have a good time looking for some fun quotes. I especially follow comedians who always have fun things to say, comedians like Tim & Eric, Doug Benson and so on, always know what to say to get me cracking. :)

  • AdamOgal

    Reddit, twitter, and I like to think that facebook is similar to that of these because all anyone does is quote someone or post memes. I often catch myself doing it quite often. haha! :)

  • Jared

    Great list guys, though you could probably ad imgur, which is what I frequent for image quotes. I actually think they’re part of reddit or collect whatever reddit posts, so that’s worth looking for. I have a good time on there.

  • JingerL.

    Oh my gosh… LOLsoTrue.com is friggin hilarious! I like that the quotes are categorized so you can go directly to the ones you need – otherwise I’d be laughing at random quotes all day long. (Already been there for 30 minutes just scrolling!)

    By the way, I noticed that LOLsoTrue has a few related sites. SoTrueFacts.com is good if you want some interesting facts to include with your quotes. ThatOneRule.com is also a quote-like site, that has more of a self-help angle. MaybeNotes.com is similar to ThatOneRule.com, but with more love related stuff.

  • Biodome

    I’ve been to a few of these sites in the past, like them all a lot. I actually have them all in a bookmark folder. There’ a lot of other sites out there like these, but they aren’t as good as what you posted. Can you count 4chan under this too? I would’t because it’s just a really dumb and disturbing site. I figure some people might count it since memes are all over that place.

  • Kerry Ann

    Hey Josh… Pinterest is also a good source for finding Tumblr quotes. I usually do a search for “funny quotes,” “funny quotes and pictures,” or “funny quotes and sayings.” GoodMeme.com has some really funny quotes and meme pictures. Thanks for digging up the rest of these sites. I haven’t seen many of them!

  • David

    Since we’re sharing, Quote4Fun has a quote generator that’s pretty awesome. You choose the funny meme character you like… enter the quote… select the background color and you’re done. This is a quick and easy way to make funny memes from your own quotes or from quotes you find on the sites here. You can find it at (http://quote4fun.com/quote-generator/). Happy quote making!

  • Burton

    I don’t know whether to thank you or to curse you! I just spent the last hour going through LOL so True. It has got to be one of the funniest sites I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve already started using some of the quotes on my soon-to-be-launched Tumblr blog. (It’s going to be about things that scare us.) Thanks for pointing these out. You definitely made my job more fun.

  • Mama Dana

    My daughter would love BestTumblerQuotes.com, NakedQuotes.com and BakedQuotes.com. They’re all about relationships, love and friendships. The perfect stuff for for teenage girls with too much time on their expressive little hands, lol! I’ve just sent her the link to this page. I’m sure it’ll be cute overload tonight in my house! Good stuff!

  • Holly

    This may sound silly, but I collect quotes! I have quotes for every occasion and I find them to be a great source of inspiration when I’m feeling down and in need of a motivational boost.

    I’ll check out the sites you’ve listed and see if I can’t find any quotes to add to my collection!

  • Lynn Ross

    I had no idea there were so many sites out there devoted to showcasing great quotes. I am already using Tumblr and Twitter to share quotes I love but it looks like I’ll be signing up for a few more!

    I’m looking forward to browsing LOLSoTrue, NakedQuotes and ICanRelateTo. I can’t wait!

  • Mitcher

    I’m definitely going to show these sites to my wife. She’s always sharing the quotes, blurbs and book excerpts she finds on Twitter and Reddit with me. I think she will really appreciate having some new material to dig through. It will at least keep her busy for a while!

  • Anise Blake

    lolsotrue is fantastic and so, so true! It’s a dangerous site though. If you’re not careful it will suck you in and you’ll find yourself two hours later, confused and blurry eyed, wondering where all your free time went. Yea, it really is that funny!

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • Lili the Dreamer

    I read a lot. I usually average about three to four books a week. I’m constantly sharing quotes I find so these sites are of particular interest to me! My quotes often get lost on Twitter so maybe one of these will suit me better. I hope so! It would be awesome to find a community of like minded bookworms like myself.

  • David Abar

    My daughter loves LOLSoTrue and ICanRelateTo. They’re definitely amusing sites but she can sit there for hours laughing at some of the stuff they post. I hate to sound like an old man, but I think a lot of it goes right over my head!

    I think I’ll just stick to what I know.

  • JillShay

    My female friends are always reposting funny quotes and images. Usually they post parodies of popular quotes or things having to do with celebrity gossip and pop culture. I’ll have to ask where they’re getting them from. They may want to see these sites if they haven’t found them already. :)